Poll: Has Dragon Age Inquisition out-skyrimmed Skyrim?


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Oct 11, 2013
Dark Souls is the top dog of modern fantasy video games. And this might be bias but J-RPG > W-RPG most of the times.


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Dec 4, 2012
While I have not played DA:I myself I'm currently following a let's play of it, and frankly it is taking some time as it is not that interesting I just like the guy that plays.
But I have played my share of Skyrim and it beats it easy, hands down.

The thing that strikes me the most about DA:I is the quest design, as it is.. well.. boring, standard, and not very appealing. It's just "go there do that come back, then do this."

To give an example of how badly it can mess up something that COULD have been interesting, let's take the part where you go to this party where you have to try and get in good with the people there.
Instead of hiding things and keeping you immersed in the game they just slap a god damn tracker on the screen that tells you how good you are doing. Your quest? Try to get it to 100 basically.

The number of "fetch quests" where you are told to go somewhere and pick up 5 of that and 10 of those is insane too, that is not something that is ever fun to do.
Oh and look for flashing shiny stuff, you know because you might not see that object that clearly stands out anyways, better make it sparkle!

Skyrim on the other hand does not do this.

Crafting and everything else is also very limited in DA:I, so I honestly can't understand how they even compare.
You don't seem to have nearly as much freedom to go and do whatever you want, as you are constantly dragged back to the main mission.
You can't pick up items off the ground if they are not in a loot bag, you can't steal things, you can't customize your appearance much as you have what? 3 item slots? It is so limiting in every single way, and the only thing it has going for it is a better main story, which does not mean much as Skyrims story was not hard to beat.

I will admit I do like a lot of the characters in there though, just too bad they have to be trapped in that horrible world.

On top of that Skyrim has mods, oh god does it have mods. If you can think of it, someone probably made a mod for it.

Skyrim has flaws as well, don't get me wrong, but it makes up for that with mod support and everything it allows you to do in an already interesting world.

That being said, the combat is so horribly bad in both games that it's a pain either way, but no, if either of them has to be "king of the hill" Skyrim is still it.


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Nov 18, 2009
I've only just started playing on Inquisition, and I will say that I found it's open worlds nowhere near as fun to explore as Skyrim. I've only been to the hinterlands and the Storm Coast, but they both have the problem of being too hilly, and too full of rocks and impassable mountains and ledges that make exploring a pain. The trouble is, I tend to move toward waypoints on the map as the crow flies because the minimap is often unclear as to where the paths are, which mean I'm constantly brushing up against mountains and falling down ledges.

Also, I never used a horse in Skyrim, because I didn't mind taking long treks through the wilderness (though being able to fast travel anywhere helped). I'm using a horse all the time in Inquisition because running back and forth across the maps feels tiresome, and it doesn't help that you need to be constantly getting off the horse if you want to pick up an item or interact with something.