Poll: Skyrim - Echanted Item Names


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Jun 5, 2011
What kind of names do you give your enchanted items in Skyrim? Here's a few of mine.

1: Pickaxe Of One Thousand Winters - Pickaxe enchanted with Frost Damage.
2: The Axe Of Mindnumbing Horror - Woodcutters Axe enchanted with Fear.
3: See You In The Nightosphere! - Imperial Sword that fills Soul Gems.
4: Electrical Smackdown - Elven Mace enchanted with Shock Damage.

1: Boots Of Immense Loot - Boots enchanted with Fortify Carry Weight.
2: Fur Boots Of Extinguishing - Fur Boots enchanted with Fire Resistance.
3: Gloves Of The Arcane - Gloves enchanted with Fortify Magicka.
4: Necklace Of Lesser Looting - Silver Emerald Necklace enchanted with Fortify Carry Weight.
5: Not So Fancy Now! - Silver Jeweled Necklace enchanted with Magic Resistance.

Those are my favorite creations, how about yours.


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Jul 18, 2011
Yes, every time, apart from armour sets. For example, my character always wears:

- Blessing of Capricorn (silver garnet ring, my birthstone as a Capricorn, that allows magicka regeneration 65% and health regeneration 32%)

- Ring of Courage (when not using the former ring, this gold diamond ring allows magic resistance by 20% and destruction spells to cost 25% less)

- Mage's Circlet (silver moonstone circlet, exactly the same as the quest item from the College of Winterhold except it increases magicka to 62 points, and destruction spells cost 25% less)

- Necklace of Arcane Strength (gold diamond necklace, enchanted with the same perks as the Ring of Courage)

- Dragonscale Armour set (destruction costs a total 35% less, magicka regenerates 10% faster, carrying capacity increased by 37 points and stamina by 62 points, one-handed by 40% and magicka by 62 points. The helmet when used has the same perks as the Mage's Circlet so no perks are lost)

So as a Breton with the Atronach stone, my magicka resistance is amped to 105% with the Ring of Courage, Destruction spells cost 0 points to cast, magicka is increased by a total of 174 points, magicka regenerates 75% faster with the Blessing of Capricorn and health by 32%, plus all the other things and some added perks from the DLCs.

As for a weapon, I've only enchanted one.

- Skysong (a Blades sword strengthened to 118 base damage (although PS3 glitches makes this sometimes go down to only 85), with the enchantments Chaos Damage (50% chance of doing fire, frost and shock damage for 154 points each) and Silent Moons (at night target is burned for 98 points)). I agonized over its name for a long while, since this was the one sword I used since I picked it up near the beginning and killed many significant characters over as part of the main and faction quests. I named it after its place in Skyrim, in relation to the sky power the Thu'um grants, and its power from the moons.

I can imagine bards telling of how my blade sung with magic as it was swung through the air!

I may enchant a bow with the Fiery Soul Trap spell to keep a supply of soul gems, or I might not bother. I have so much money that buying filled soul gems from stores gives me no trouble at all.


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Aug 9, 2011
I have an orc character called The Gourmet who wears a chefs hat and wields two handed weapons called things like "Tonight's Special" and "Soup of the Day".

Apart from that I just name items according to what kind of character is equipping them, like "Boots of the Succubus" or "Blade of the Berserker" so I can organize them into neat sets by name.


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Jun 21, 2012
SlaveNumber23 said:
I have an orc character called The Gourmet who wears a chefs hat and wields two handed weapons called things like "Tonight's Special" and "Soup of the Day".
That is the most badass thing I've ever heard of in Skyrim.

OT: The only thing I've had is a two-handed axe called Soul Bane which filled soul gems so I could use them for absolutely nothing.

I think I once named a woodaxe, "Penis Cutter" though, mostly because I'm immature, and because I used to have a tendency to look at the ground in all my RPGs and thus ended up performing a large number of castrations.

Once I finally learnt to look up in RPGs I finally started to enjoy skyrim.
I'm sure I was much less horrifying to bandits aswell.


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Sep 1, 2010
I name my items based on the character's name
my Argonian thief Bal'Shik's armor is called
Bal'Shik's Armor
Bal'Shik's Boots
(pro tip: if you put a space before the name of an item, it appears as the first item alphabetically)


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Dec 4, 2012
Only when I get really good stuff to enchant. Like I don't bother naming my piece of shit steel sword with +5 fire damage or whatever, but awesome late game armor/weapons or cool looking stuff I add with mods and use will sometimes get whatever incredibly generic high fantasy name like [Item] of the Shadewalker etc.


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Aug 23, 2009
I sometimes spend a long time thinking of names. A couple from my most recent playthrough:

Enchanted Daedric Battleaxe: Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg (Don't listen to Ondore's lies!)

Ring with enforced Carry Weight: Ring of Lesser Backpain

Enchanted Daedric Sword: Edge Maverick


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Aug 23, 2009
I enchanted a Daedric long bow that Drains Life and Soul Traps. Couldn't think of anything bad ass so I asked my house mate what I should call it? He said it sucks your life and your soul... What's your girl friend called again?

Needless to say I didn't call it Laura. Went with Sorrow instead.

The Lugz

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Apr 23, 2011
ComandaKool said:
What kind of names do you give your enchanted items in Skyrim? Here's a few of mine.
Well, since you ask!

I usually give my swords names like 'Nether Razor' ( ie, an enchant and a description of the weapon )

so, for a particularly well smithed high damage weapon with an enchant like soultrap or shock damage that's perfect

I generally stick to 'what seems right' rather than have a set rule.

I like to call my armours 'imbued' or 'shocking' or give a classful description, rather than a name
sort of a meta reference.

'Astral imbued' could mean a cloth armour with health and magicka regen on it for example

'Fortified' would probably be resistances, health and high armour

i avoid 'names' per say, 'beater' 'biter' 'basher' 'slasher' ect all seem wrong for weapons imo.

and i can't imagine calling my boots anything of the sort..

'subtle slipper' for a sneaky wizard shoe perhaps..

or ground anchors, perhaps for a warrior with 'stable' kinds of enchants resistances, health, damage 'hold your ground' type stuff..

I know i'm boring and predictable.


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Oct 18, 2011
I always name them but never name them seriously, for example:
Daedric Sword= Mr Flibbles
Dragon Armor= The Shirt of Seim Usefulness
Dragon Helmet= The Hat of Crap
Dragon Sword= Your It

Im not brilliant at naming weaponry but I try and make it funny at least, so in that one glorious moment Alduin is defeated by Mr Flibbles and Hat Crap, with there names being passed on for centuries


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Jan 5, 2013
I made 'Flamethrower', a Crossbow (I think, maybe a bow) With huge fire damage .
And the 'Muddafukka' A daedric (I think) sword that did crazy damage and could take down loads of people quickly.


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Jul 9, 2010
I simply translate what they are into the dragon language for names. For example, I have an axe enchanted with frost. I called it Iiz Hahkun.

Iiz = Ice
Hahkun = Axe


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Dec 29, 2009
Naming stuff was the only reason I used enchanting. In fact, I went out of my way to find the one weapon enchantment in the entire game that didn't come with a stupid glowy effect just so I could name my weapons.

Anyway, names:

'Murder' - Right hand ebony dagger. Used for quietly cutting throats in cold blood.
'Mayhem' - Left hand ebony dagger. Used for duel wielding when shit got real. So 'Murder & Mayhem'.

'Whisper' - Ebony bow. Mostly used for quietly killing from a distance.

'Ne'er do Well' - Turban, enchanted with archery and stealth.

'Misdeeds' - Gloves of some kind, enchanted with lockpicking and one-handed weapons.

'Ring of Freezing Warmth' - Ring, protection from cold, carry weight.
'Ring of Burning Cold' - Ring, protection from fire, carry weight.

Aaaaand I can't remember the rest.


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Jun 11, 2013
I usually name my stuff after LOTR weapons or Diablo items or something. I made one set of items though that was for smithing, so I called them "Hephaestus'-----". My crossbow would be called Buriza Do Kyanon and my bow would be Windforce. :D

Then my two handed sword would be Narsil or Glamdring and mace would be Grond. The names I make on my own are pretty facepalm worthy like "Flamestrike" and something "bane".

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May 7, 2010
I made an entire set of Dragonbone Equipment I call "The Cuntsmasher Set".

Sword - Cuntcutter
Mace - Cuntbasher
War Axe - Cuntslasher
Dagger - Cuntstabber
Bow - Cuntsmiter
Greatsword - Cuntcleaver
Warhammer - Cuntsmasher
BattleAxe - Cuntslicer

Still working on names for Dragonbone armor, but I'll think of something.


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May 27, 2009
AidoZonkey said:
Dragon Sword= Your It
Your it what?

Anyway, it's not Skyrim, but I like to do this sort of thing in TF2. My sniper rifle in TF2 is called "The Bodyshot Queen's Scepter" and my Sydney Sleeper is called "Mother Nature's Monthly Gift" (with a description of "And THAT'S how it feels to have blood in your piss."


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Jun 24, 2008
I tried to give each item a suitable name which came from what it had done in game for me before I got around to enchanting it, or else what I planned to do with it when I could. So, for example, I carried "Witchbane," a bow which I used on the Glenmoril Witch quest, for a while.

However, the buff set got thoroughly practical names like "Alchemy & Smithing Necklace" since there's no interesting fluff about a necklace I used to just throw up bigger bonuses on my gear.