Poll: Which days do you hate the most?

Dirge Eterna

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Apr 13, 2013
I dislike Mondays right now, not because its the first day of the work week specifically. I work at night 9pm-6am so Monday night is my first work day. However because I am home during a weekday I have to squeeze all my errands that cant be done during the week in and try to sleep. I am off Saturday and Sunday but I get off work Saturday morning so I try to only sleep 4 or 5 hours and then wake up so I can sleep normally that night. Just seems like I don't get a full weekend because of the schedule.


The Basement has been unleashed!
Feb 1, 2009
Sundays and Mondays.

Sundays are those days where you feel that you either have to do everything or nothing. For me it is usually everything relating to University, so doing homework, getting organised and things like that. Though usually I just get things done in the week before so I have a nice relaxing Sunday.

Now Monday has become my worst day. My University timetable used to be pretty good, I could lay in my bed most of the days. Since it is now a new semester most of my classes are now mostly in the morning. So on this particular day I have to get up at 5 am, it isn't bad if you go to bed early the day before but God help me if I go to bed late on the day before. T_T

So yeah, Monday ... sure it might be cliche, but it's true in my case.

EDIT: Someone should do a reverse topic about "The best days of the Week". :D

The Artificially Prolonged

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Jul 15, 2008
Tuesday, because while going into work on Monday may suck it's the following day when the weekly slog really sets in and saps all the energy out of you. Closely followed by Thursday, which is a day that shouldn't exist in my book. It just gets in the way of Friday and the weekend.

Da Orky Man

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Apr 24, 2011
Thursdays. It's always been Thursdays.

Starting in my first year of secondary school, I always seemed to have the subjects I disliked most on Thursdays. From then on, it seems to have become a permanent psychological things.