Poll: Why do you play halo?


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Jun 1, 2010
AnOriginalConcept said:
Halo 3 was one of the first games I purchased for the xbox360. I was underwhelmed. As Yahtzee said, the campaign atmosphere is schizophrenic and mostly consisted of hiding behind cover waiting for one's shield to recharge.

I'm terrible at console FPSes so I did not play the online much. 1v1s were pretty lame since no one wanted to be the one to inch around the corner.

The weapons are generic. The only two that are interesting are the gravity hammer and the needler. The rest just fire things with variable accuracy/damage.

I did not understand the story well. This is probably because I have not played the previous games.

Of course, to each his own.
There isn't much to the story standard at best.


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May 6, 2011
Co-op is a blast to play, tight weapons, awesome vehicles and 4 players rocket slayer(best mode for lulz).

Joshica Huracane

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Feb 21, 2011
I play it to enjoy the medium of gaming with my mate. I really only play the online when I'm at a friends place, and I can honestly say "Split screen online play is one of the best things EVAR"


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Jul 12, 2009
Well, let me bring up one of my recent trips to my friends house:

We were playing Halo Reach or 3, can't remember, but it was this big level in a desert area with these MASSIVE vehicles that were like drivable bases. Anyway, we spent a while trying to glitch out onto the minefield area of the map; few minutes later, we succeeded, and drove it around watching bombs go off everywhere.

Then we ran races around the track of jeeps. Then we played a special round where one person was on the (weird covenant vehicle that looks like a moterbike and has guns) and had to race while killing the others...

and then we went to the smallest map and used only gravity hammers and energy blades. Then we did the same thing, except we used rocket launchers, and rocket launchers.

in all of those situations, the hilarity just went off the charts as we pulled off tons of crazy things, like playing Dodgetruck: a game where one person has to stand on a narrow pass with only a gravity hammer, while everyone else tries to run him over with vehicles. Best. Game. EVER!


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May 24, 2011
Halo: Reach was the first game I purchased when I got my 360. It is also the first Halo game I'd ever played. I found it to be fun and satisfying... Yep... can't really think of anything else to add on to that.

Sun Flash

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Apr 15, 2009
Well, for all of the poll options, good gameplay, excellent universe etc. The one I chose however was the death physics. It's brilliant. Fails of the Weak on Fridays is a good way to start the weekend.


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Mar 12, 2010
Since I'm bored...

Daaaah Whoosh said:
1- The weapons are different from anything you'll find in any other game. Semi-automatic is far superior to fully automatic, in my opinion.
To me the human weapons past CE just suck, they're just not fun to use. I also reckon the BR and DMR are insanely overpowered
2- Combat unlike what they do in most realistic shooters. You can take a few hits, and so can your enemies. Gives you a chance to fire off one-liners.
I find campaign combat boring past 2, multiplayer is awesomesauce though.
3- Beautiful settings, armor, basically everything is beautiful. And colorful.
Aside from the greyish mess that is Reach, I completely agree.
4- Customizable armor, and two different species to choose from.
Elites in multiplayer are cool, and underated.
5- Vehicle combat that doesn't suck. Except tanks beat everything, so never be without one.
Scorpion tank is waaaay too powerful, (I know its a tank but come on) aside from that the vehicle combat is nice. Warthogs ftw.
6- Science fiction storyline that's pretty decent, as far as I'm concerned.
Ummm....no comment...
7- Awesome music.
Daddadada, daddadaDA, daddadaDAAAAAA
8- Hilarious moments, especially the easter eggs and IWHBYD skull.
I Woulda Been Your Daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence
9- Interesting and infinitely replayable campaign, with skulls that force you to change your playing style with every configuration.
Disagree. Skulls are a fun little addition but they barely impact the game.
10- Horde clone that doesn't suck, and doesn't get too damned hard after five minutes.
Its good but in Reach its very repetitive.
11- Gravity Hammers. And Spartan lasers. They deserve their own number.
Only thing that looks more awesome than a Banshee flying towards the sun is a Banshee being shot down as it flys towards the sun by a miniture sun gun...thingy.
12- Assasinations. Doesn't matter which game, it's always cool to ninja someone.
Yeah, but we need a way to stop kids letting all their teammates die repeatedly just to shiv someone in the kidney.
13- Enemies whose sole purpose is comic relief. I have a big grunty thirst.
But then the game goes all serious and shit and takes itself way too seriously. I reckon the whole damn series should be intentionally funny.
14- Cool expanded universe, with all those books and stuff.
I wouldn't know, but from what I've heard they're damn awesome.
15- They were overhyped, so all my xbox friends were playing it together on launch day.
Too bad Reach sorta died after a couple weeks. Few of my friends have touched it since.
16- The beta was amazing.
From what I heard yeah. Betas are damn good anyways.
17- Great stat tracking on Bungie.net
Oh god yes. Every MP game ever take note.
18- Screenshots and film clips.
And in an easy to use and accessible way. Hells yeah.
19- It like, totally invented the first person shooter. (Just kidding, but it was the first game I played on my xbox).
20- Sergeant Avery Johnson. He knows what the ladies like.
Ladies like armour plating.
I play Halo Reach because its multiplayer is great, and entertaining.
Aside from a couple OP weapons and vehicles, spawning and many of the players themselves (which isn't the games fault) its brilliant. I better not go into it, but I strongly think the campaign mode past CE is complete crap, which is why I don't play Halo for it.

Or at least it can be brilliant. The following is not (intentionally) a massive over-generalisation, after playing many matches I completely believe this is how the regular match plays out.

In the average full player match of Halo Reach someone is camping out a weapon spawn for the entire match, a sniper is in a high unreachable place raining death on everyone, theres a clan who either camps out a small area or roams around the map killing everyone or roams around the map getting killed by everyone, someone grabbed the Scorpion tank or Wraith and accidently drove off a cliff with it, someone packed a helicopter or Warthog full of guys and intentionally drove off a cliff with it, at least 1 guy is AFK, several kids are screaming into the headset, one of your teammates is using a powerful weapon and missing repeatedly, a couple more are shooting each over, a few are hell bent on revenge killing a guy and are getting fragged repeatedly in the process.

But in those rare times when everything comes together so neatly and beautifully, Halo Reach is the best multiplayer game ever made.
Its only real downfall is its own players.

(I have a sudden urge to reinstall CE and play Assault on the Control Room for some reason now...)


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Jan 19, 2010
Mostly for the co-op campaigns, and only with people I know and people they know, never with randoms.

I play the multiplayer only when it very first comes out, before the people who play it 22 hours a day know where every weapon drop is. Even then, I still prefer to play it with people I know. It's better to be teabagged by people you know.


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Nov 14, 2009
The universe and story definitely. Halo 3 was confusing at first, but if you take a little time to get into it it's worth it. I'd say Halo 3's story is better than its storytelling. Reading Halo: Cryptum (which is awesome by the way, if you get past the confusing and slow first chapter) made me really want to play through all the games again. Man, I wish I had a 360...


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Dec 8, 2010
I like the universe and the weapons, I like Bungie as a developer and the interaction they have with their fanbase.


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Sep 2, 2009
I tend to buy Halo games for the campaign, then keep playing them for the multiplayer, online or otherwise. Halo is one of the few games with four-player splitscreen that still works when you system-link Xboxes. In other words, it's one of the few Xbox games you can use in a LAN party.

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
Becuase it's fun? Well ok it's fun to play the campaign and multiplayers (most of the time) and co op with your friends..


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Dec 20, 2010
II2none said:
Don't be a smartass!

Seriously there are many reasons why people love the series be it the story or the online experience halo is xboxes world of warcraft in my opinion.

I play it for the:
1 the awesome storyline (halo-halo 3 were awesome as far as I know)
2 cool weapons
3 and wtf/funny moments.
4 online experience, it's addicting as hell.

Discuss your reasons.
halo 3's plot was the worst of the entire franchise

i play because of the unintended comedy
and because i enjoied the game

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Apr 6, 2009
I got bored of Halo's campaign story after Halo 2, so I just play it because the online multiplayer is simple and fun. Just about every bit of that is fun, and I don't see why I should stop being the games. The campaign has co-op and online is good. I don't need a good story to enjoy the campaign of a simple shooter.


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May 16, 2009
Local splitscreen. It's always fun, especially when taking guests online.

Firefight is fun too.

Admittedly I had fun with the campaign too.


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Jul 21, 2010
For everything on the disk.

The campaign is always great. (With a good story at that)
Forge makes me feel like the level designer I want to be when Im done with college
Multiplayer allows me to DESTROY my enemies in creative ways
Firefight allows me to go Crysis on my enemies
Theater allows me to see anything I missed

And thats only the BEGINNING!!!


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Jun 28, 2010
Mates + Halo Reach = PURE FUN.

It's just pure madness and 100% fun. Zombies, squad slayer, rocket hog, custom game modes, forge maps, firefight AND LASO campaign. You can't get the same sense of fun from say Call of Duty because it takes itself too seriously. Halo Reach knows its got the mad deaths and the complete random moments.

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Mar 17, 2010
Terminate421 said:
For everything on the disk.

The campaign is always great. (With a good story at that)
Forge makes me feel like the level designer I want to be when Im done with college
Multiplayer allows me to DESTROY my enemies in creative ways
Firefight allows me to go Crysis on my enemies
Theater allows me to see anything I missed

And thats only the BEGINNING!!!
Took the words right out of my mouth, ya thief.

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