Popstar - Never Stop Never Stopping - It's Lonely on the Island


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Apr 3, 2020
Popstar - Never Stop Never Stopping - It's Lonely on the Island

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping looked disastrous, but it wound up being one of the funnier movies of the year.

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Nov 27, 2011
Huh, well that's a surprisingly good review. From the trailers this didn't look any better than a Will Ferrell movie.


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Jul 10, 2013
Unless I'm watching this with my entourage, I ain't watching myself alone on this one...

Other than that, anything that Judd's attached to must be worth watching regardless...

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Apr 3, 2020
Hmm. Every comedy i have ever enjoyed all had really terrible trailers. Every comedy i didn't enjoy all had terrible trailers. You just can't sell a good comedy by cherry picking 5 second gags for attention deficit observers. It is the inherent failure of the comedy trailer. Having said that, i haven't seen this trailer. But no doubt it will follow the same predestined rule. Marketing sucks, and even when it doesn't, it still sucks on a deeper level. Well, there are always exceptions. Nothing is absolute other than mathematics, Probably. Hang on, where am i again?


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Sep 5, 2015
Xsjadoblayde said:
Hang on, where am i again?
You're in a coma as you gradually transform into a 650lb grizzly bear. It's a dreamlike combination of your memories and imagination. I'm the logical center of your brain, struggling to comprehend reality and trying to get you to WAKE UP! WAKE UP, STEVE, WAKE UP!

I do agree with your point about trailers, though I'd say it applies to all movie trailers. Bad movies will try to frontload what they consider the "best" moments in the movie;

like in the "Batman V Superman" trailers,
The entire plot is spelled out in the trailers: Batman thinks Superman is a threat to humanity, Lex Luther works to pit them against each other, they scuffle, make up, team up with Wonder Woman to kill Doomsaday (WHO SHOULD BE UN-KILLABLE DAMNIT, He's supposed to be a complete foil to Superman, the only one Superman doesn't stand a chance against, physically and mentally superior to Superman- forcing him to humility and acceptance of his limitations) and form the justice league (which obviously means Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman can't die because the tagline became "DAWN OF JUSTICE.")
It also somewhat lies about the content. in one trailer Superman is seen entering a courtroom, and the same scene happens in the movie, but never actually extends past the shot from the trailer- it just cuts away to Batman fighting some mooks.

By comparison, "The Dark Knight" trailer was much more restrained. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PZpmTj1Q8Q
The only thing this sets up is that there will be Batman, the Joker, explosions, and the tone of the movie. There's also a brief touch on the themes of Batman becoming an outcast hero, and Joker wanting Batman to kill him, But that's it. The Joker's methods, actions, and motivations are largely hidden; he's only introduced. Harvey Dent/Two Face and Rachel aren't even shown, and none of the big "wham moments" (I.E: I'm going to make this pencil DISAPPEAR!; Or any aspect of the climax with the ferries) are shown

Though I was a bit disappointed the article wasn't about a new Kirby game, but Popstar does look promising. The Lonely Island "crew" seem perfect for directing a "Spinal Tap"-ish movie. They damn well know how to make music videos that make my chest hurt from laughter. OFC that's just me, I'm sure plenty of people dislike "Like a Boss" or "I'm on a Boat", because everyone has different opinions on comedy, and those people are objectively wrong.