PS3 Processor Powers New Glasses-Free 3D Televisions


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Mar 23, 2009
Me thinks I'll wait until the price drops significantly. Though I'll be honest, I did expect this price for the T.V's in fact its below what I expected. These things are always expensive when they first come out. Give it about 2 years and we'll all be able to afford one.


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Apr 10, 2010
Atmos Duality said:
Petromir said:
We still have analogue over here, still a couple of years before the last region of the UK switches over.

And yeh 1 channel, but its only a couple since we only had one HD channel in the UK and now I can get about 50.

And as the amount of 3D content gets larger, they'll have more channels. In less than a year UK will have a dedictaed 3D sports and dedicated 3D movies channels.

3D channels will likely take off slower than HD becasue its harder to make convincing upscalling to 3D, and a channel switching between the 2 would likely be problomatic, so 3D channels will likely be deciated to 3D unlike HD channels.
You too?
My local stations missed both analogue deadlines by months and had to work on an extension. The saddest part here is that the signal quality dropped straight into the shitter once they did make the switch late last-year. We now get channels that play like the Matrix is crashing, or sometimes they seize up altogether.

In short, I'm not all that thrilled about 3D programming if they can't even get basic Digital transmission to work properly. That's for both Cable and Antenna; not sure about satellite though.

On Topic...(still): Based on Sony's recent actions, they seem to want to open up the market in 3D so they can have a virtual monopoly on the tech. The investment seems risky though because if they fail, they will be the only loser in their own market with no competition to bear part of the burden.

I say that because Sony is the only major company that I know that is openly (and aggressively) promoting 3D TVs or licensing their tech to create 3D TVs. This means prices will remain artificially inflated (to recoup on their investment, natch), slowing the adoption rate considerably.

In short, Sony needs to find a way to manufacture these new 3D TVs to compete with the recently initiated HD market, and fast if they want to convince me (or anyone else who just acquired a good HD TV) to sign on.

If it sounds like circular logic, it kind of is, but that's the way this works unfortunately when you go to establish a new market.
That is bad.

Digital is mostly working over here, there a a few areas with no reception, and few areas have cable.

Over here Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic are all promoting it at least abit. Sky (satallite) has stall out in major shopping centeres and rail stations, electronics stores often have a TV that they can demo, some have entire rooms for 3D demoing. Sky has also had 3D in bars and pubs for about 6 months.

Hell Currys (a major chain) has a big ad on their web page tonight showing with an offer for a 50" 3D plasma and 3 sets of glasses for £999.

The PS3 might let 3D bluray get a purchase on the market to. And thats range of things should boom next year.

3D will need a few years but it'll get there, and prices of the cheapest avaliable 3D TV have already more than halved in the UK (about £1700 to about £760).


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Mar 24, 2010
Looks pretty cool. I remember when 3D viewing meant wearing those crazy red and blue paper glasses way back when...


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Sep 30, 2009
Well, I suppose someone has to come out and say the whole thing.
So, they use the super-powerful, much hyped, much marketed almost as much as BLAST PROCESSING Cell Processor for 3D television.... months after Nintendo says they'll use the same technology for far less and in a device that's smaller than most books.
I admit I don't know the intricacies of this technology and how long it takes to adapt a graphics processor for 3D displays; however, the 3DS was announced in March, and lo-and-behold, so many months later, Sony pushes their own version of the same technology. I'm well aware that they're fundamentally different devices, but to me, this absolutely smacks - SMACKS, I say - of the tired me-too-ism that brought us the Playstation Move.
Bottom line, not impressed.


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Nov 20, 2008
Impractical now, but the technology it has is a step in the right direction. Even with the cooling needed for the Cell it still shouldn't be *that* big though. Hopefully they aren't doing something stupid, like using the 90nm version of the Cell instead of the 45nm one. I wonder if you could have it crunch for [email protected] when it's off or is displaying 2d-only video (which is >99% of all video at this time).