Question 2 RE: tRPGs & Tournament #s...

Jul 30, 2014
"It won't stop, just because you press the Esc key..." ;P

My 2nd question is about some of the biggest numbers associated with tRPG Tournaments...

a) Most Players competing within a single game?*
b) Longest running Tournament series?**
c) Highest value Prize payouts for top finishers/Champions?***
*Many tRPGs tend to have an ideal number of Players per game, and tourneys limit same.
**I do not mean a game which features a Regional or World tourney ever year or two, I mean a single Tournament run within a year, which is played for many days(or weekends) consecutively.
***General cash value equivalents are fine too, if mostly/all non-cash prizes were awarded.

I know! TheEscapist's owner is perhaps the foremost authority on tRPGs who inhabits these hallowed Forums. I already bothered him for one obscure bit of info. He's got much better things to do than dink around with the likes of me, I'm sure you would agree...

Thanks for reading!
~ X