Question RE: tRPGs w/Mobile?

Jul 30, 2014

I'm currently working on a tRPG in a certain, seriously underdone Genre.

Looking at what has been done before and finding new ways to do all of the old things, can be very beneficial in the conception and design stage. To that end, I have a-

Question: There are plenty of tRPGs recently made(and currently in the works) which can be considered Mobile/tRPG hybrids, yes?

And I don't mean certain ones like War Haven, which simply have a Mobile version of the game available for Download. No, I mean actual hybrids, where there is the tRPG element with an App which supports play in any number of ways...

I immediately went there when I considered adapting my design(originally conceived as new sort of MMORPG) and I know darn well I can't be the first designer to head in that direction.

Can you name any?

Thanks for reading!
~ X