Rainbow 6: Patriots "Wasn't Working," May Still Appear on New Consoles

Sep 24, 2008
It's so rare that my Hype Engines get activated. I did love Vegas. It was my first 'tactical' shooter, as he puts quotes over tactical not to be skinned alive by the Pre-Vegas faithful.

Doing horrible things for the greater good forces me out of my comfortable zone. Knee capping the police, not being able to save that guy... yeah. sign me up for that mind fuck.

Then Ubisoft comes in. and... Ubisofts it.

Have we learned nothing from Spec Ops: The Line? Subpar game play can still sell a boatload of units if you have a story everyone says you need to see to believe. Ubisoft, where are you getting your direction and why do they secretly hate you?


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Feb 20, 2011
SanguiniusMagnificum said:
Racecarlock said:
SanguiniusMagnificum said:
'...to move it away from a counter-terrorism story.'

Ubisoft, what the actual fuck is this shit? Explain yourself!!!

Oh, great idea, let's make a GTA without the whole crime thing! Or a FIFA game that's not about football! Or an Assassin's Creed game without all those pesky assassinations!
I'll give you FIFA, but GTA V makes it entirely possible to do one mission and then use the stock market to get all the money you would ever need,

Also, assassin's creed 3. Need I say more?
Well, I'm not sure about you but I don't know a lot of people that bought GTA V for the stock market.
The Assassin's Creed line was kind of meant as a stab to Ubisoft, seeing as how we're seeing progressively less sneaky, silent and stabby assassinations and more face-bashing, cannon-shooting action with the occasional "tailing" mission.

Not that I'm against face-bashing and cannon-shooting. 'Twas pretty wonderful in Black Flag, actually.
I feel like Yahtzee's poem, "We're the Assassins", holds some relevance to this discussion.

"Exploring the seas, and home renovation; feather collecting, and artwork collation; we're the Assassins, and now we're here to stay!... we might have to phase out the stabbing, ok?"