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Nick Calandra

Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist
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Mar 13, 2020
Hey folks,

I've lifted some of the bans tonight, but this should serve as a very stern warning that we are not going to waste time moderating your threads when they start getting out of hand and will begin closing them. If you're just going to spend time going back and forth after one another, go do it over email, not our forums. We're not your babysitters.

Things are tense right now, there's a lot of bad things going on, and let me be very clear that there is no justification for what happened on Jan 6, 2021. Zero. We are not going to permit discussion debating this.

If you want the Current Events threads to remain available, start cleaning it up in there or we will close them down. I'm not going to have our moderators spending hours of their day cleaning that stuff up. Also DO NOT SPAM THE REPORTS. Again, we're not your babysitters, use the reports when absolutely necessary, it's not for your little pissing matches.

I feel we've been extremely lenient up until now and assume most everyone engaging here is doing so in good faith, so don't abuse that trust with the moderators or myself. I also understand the rules have been a bit open, especially when it comes to labels. If we enforced them as strict as some of you want, most of you regular users would have multiple warnings by now. So unless you want them to be very strictly enforced, I suggest you clean things up, stop using labels and know when to bow out of a conversation if it's not going anywhere or you can't be civil.

I understand that sounds preachy, but when I'm checking in, there's not very many good discussions happening and it's the same few arguing over and over in each thread.

None of what I said above is up for debate. If things in Current Events continue as they are, they will be closed.

Thanks and have a good evening,

Not open for further replies.