Recommend me a PC game.


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Aug 21, 2009
So I have finally have a decent computer for gaming purposes (after my last one broke) and was looking for recomendations for games.

Right now I have Minecraft and Starcraft 2. I plan on getting Starcraft 1 and Portal 2 (alreay have it for X-Box but want to try some custom levels) and plan on getting a Steam account.

I'm a big shooter fan, and have been getting into RTS's, puzzles, platformers, even give me some indie games in their.
The only genres I have reservations about are horror and most RPG's. I'm a massive coward and I find most RPG's be too slow paced to keep my attention.
Also, I'm still going to do most of my gaming on my X-Box so I'm looking for mainly PC exclusives.

So bear all that in mind and give me your best shot. Thanks.


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Feb 10, 2011
Step 1: buy $20 joystick
step 2: buy this game -
Step 3: Upgrade game with the FreeSpace Open Installer -
Step 4: ???
step 5: profit!

No seriously. One of the best PC exclusives of all time. Older than most, but has been modded into modern day glory!

as for other games
I love Gratuitous Space Battles:
Space Pirates and Zombies is old school fun:
Team Fortress 2 is a must on Steam if your computer can handle it.
and if you enjoy strategy and PvP, check out League of Legends (its the noob friendliest MOBA, if you find it not challenging enough, check out Heroes of Newerth).

Edit: oh! of course, if you're willing to give Turn Based Strategy games a try, there are plenty out there, but Battle for Wesnoth ( is a grate one, and its free. If you like it, look into Galactic Civilizations (brutal AI at times) or Civilization V (much more newcomer friendly than Civ IV)


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Oct 14, 2010
Everything from Valve if you're a shooter/ puzzle lover.

If not...

I strongly recommend Psychonauts!! Great adventure, platformer!! i strongly recommend it!


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Oct 24, 2011
The original Deus Ex.

That game is still one of the best game I have ever played.

Also, Plants vs. Zombies.