Rent Videogames At Your Supermarket with Red Box


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Jul 10, 2009
2 dollars a day is pretty expensive... I would feel like I would have to marathon through it and get it back ASAP! lol


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Jul 28, 2010
Erana said:
SelectivelyEvil13 said:
Agreed. With a relatively cheap movie/game pass, you get infinite rentals for any game, blu-ray, or DVD in the store by switching it out. Two bucks a day sounds good at first, but it will add up in a flash if you don't keep tabs on how long you've been holding onto the game.

I'm not enthralled with the movie selection in the Red Boxes, so I can only imagine that the game versions will also be rather limited, even with new releases.
Limited selection, deceptive pricing strategy...
I hate Red Box. And I don't hate many things.
I prefer Blockbuster. There's something nice about browsing a store, getting to know the people who work there, and of course the midnight return drives with the wind blowing through my hair as the myst from the nearby lake turns the whole scene into a painting...

But yeah, I'm all for the actual physical experience. It makes the movies all the more special. Why do so many people not want to actually come face to face with the people that provide them services these days?
I'm exactly the same way and love the entire experience!

I can't even begin to describe how many times I've chatted it up with the people their and finding out what games or movies were a waste, while giving my own recommendations as well. The amicable employees are the ones who can save you time and money that would otherwise be wasted, clue you in on deals, inform you on specials; the list goes on! But now people would rather dump one to two bucks a day, flat charge, no promotions, and NO warning that Treasure Pursuit is just a crappy Indiana Jones rip-off.

People need to get out of their anti-social, "social" networking bubble and go interact with others. I think that those minor things accumulate and the lack thereof has made people socially inept. There is no respect for helpful employees anymore, and there is a reciprocal cycle where jaded workers start disregarding customers. Convenience is one thing, but we have hit a point where it has actually become undesirable to deal with other human beings in all facets of life.


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Sep 16, 2010
I rarely used redbox, and I defentaly won't use it for games, little brats making the disks all scrached up.


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Jun 8, 2010
jericu said:
If I wanted to see if I'd like a game, I'd check reviews, or ask around for opinions. I won't spend money to rent a game that's probably already been out for a while to see, quite a while after the fact, if I want to buy it. I've gone this long without needed to rent games a month after they've been released to determine if I want them, and I won't stop now.
I guess that's where we differ. I don't trust reviews and I'll take a friends word better than anyone else. I just prefer to try out a game for my self. Between my circle of friends I'm the only who tries out different games instead of just halo or zelda. So my taste in games differs greatly. To each his own I suppose.

Omnific One

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Apr 3, 2010
Rednog said:
Omnific One said:
And now Blockbuster's video game division is completely screwed. Many of the big games (MW2, etc) can be played in an afternoon. Heck, most games can be completed in a Saturday.

Also, where can you find $5 rentals at Blockbuster for 8 days? Mine is $7 for a single day.
I'm sorry but I have to call bs on this. $7 for a single day of rental from a Blockbuster. No way in hell. No company/store is dumb enough to have such a ripoff and no person is dumb enough to pay that much for a single day of gaming.
That's what I was told when I asked how much a day was. Maybe it's just the store near me; they probably have to pay a higher rental price for their property. However, you would hope they had standardized pricing. Apparently not.