Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Now Available - Watch the Launch Trailer Here


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Oct 24, 2013
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Now Available - Watch the Launch Trailer Here

Tripwire Interactive has released the launch trailer for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam alongside the game hitting Steam.

The latest shooter set in the Vietnam War is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. As you'd imagine, the trailer includes plenty of combat, gunfire, helicopters, and of course, period-accurate music.

The game recently completed a beta test, and the launch comes after integrating some of the feedback gained there. Tripwire Interactive product director Alan Wilson said of the launch,

"Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has grown out of all we've learned over the years in the Red Orchestra franchise. The weapons, the gameplay, the look-all coming together to generate a really immersive, visceral experience that will keep drawing people in. The Antimatter Games crew have all the experience of designing for asymmetric warfare from the first Rising Storm and, this time, we went through multiple beta waves to gather feedback from the players, act on that feedback and really hone the game to what the players wanted. We'll continue to do that post-release as well, with a series of upcoming updates - new factions, new gameplay and more."

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is available on Steam now, and during its launch week, you can get it for 10 percent off.




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Dec 20, 2011
Samtemdo8 said:
Oooh its out, time to make a purchase.

I hope the guns feels good like the AK and M79 grenade launcher
Bought it, have not had a chance to play it, though I trust these guys. My time in Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm was enough to make this a day one purchace.