Rock Band Network Beta BeginsTonight

Lauren Admire

Aug 8, 2008
Rock Band Network Beta BeginsTonight

If you've got a song you just know is destined to be a hit, rejoice, for the Rock Band [] Network beta launches today.

Since Rock Band Network was first released to the discerning public, amateur and professional musicians alike have been hard at work converting their hit songs into digital hammer-ons and pull-offs. Today, these songs will be shared with a select audience and later, the entire Rock Band world.

However, if you haven't taken a look at the toolset since its launch, you may need to set aside some time before composing your first song - about 20 to 40 hours' worth [], according to Harmonix.

To begin creating songs for the Rock Band Network, you'll need to own a copy of Reaper, a music production tool that allows bands to record, edit, process, mix and master their songs to their liking. Once the song is ready, it has to be "mapped," meaning you'll need to choose which buttons on the guitar will correspond to the rifts and chords in your song. There's a more thorough walk-through of this process here []. Your charts-topping single is then ready to be beamed into the Xbox360, where you can test the song and share it with the general community.

Or course, you'll also need a Xbox360, a copy of Rock Band 2, and a current membership to the Creators' Club which will make you a card-carrying member of Microsoft's game development community. This will give you access to a special Rock Band creators area where you can schmooze and share with fellow musicians. Rock Band network has already piqued the interest of popular bands such as Creed and Evanescence, as well as record label Sub Pop, which represents bands such as The Shins, Mudhoney and Flight of the Conchords.

So,if you've got a song in the pipeline and a Rock Band Creators membership, get ready to commence with the rocking.

Source: Joystiq []



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Jun 10, 2008
zombie711 said:
Really that complicated? GH world tour was not as hard as that.
The in-game GHWT studio doesn't let you cut your own music up, and it limits the number of notes. This is for musicians to cut up their ACTUAL tracks out of game and make them into in-game, full tracked performance songs for SALE. Not Greensleeves v.6000403. They really are not comparable.

That said, it costs $100 for XNA, $200-300 for an XBox to dev with, and $60 for the cheapest Reaper ($225 if you happen to luck out and make $20k). I don't know about most indie bands, but that's ~$360-460 that might be better spent on something that adds to the performance. Not saying this won't be used, but it's not going to be the great indie band enabler that some may have hoped for. Also, who wants to lay bets that if you are a Mac Reaper owner, you're just as screwed as a PS3 owner?

I'm really hoping this opens up more in the future, and lowers the price of entry.

Mana Fiend

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Jun 8, 2009
Please, Sub Pop, give us some Flight of the Conchords. There music is so damn entertaining, but would be great if they could set it up for two-mic play, like in Beatles. :)


Premium Gasoline
Jun 23, 2009
Holy crap, you have to use Reaper? There goes my hopes of getting anything done with Reason.


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Nov 19, 2009
"Through the fire and the flames" on rockband, I don't think my fingers could take it >.<
and who knows, maybe some did "Stairway to heaven"?

Sight Unseen

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Nov 18, 2009
Rainboq said:
"Through the fire and the flames" on rockband, I don't think my fingers could take it >.<
and who knows, maybe some did "Stairway to heaven"?
You have to own the rights and the master tracks to the song in order to chart it into RB. So unless Dragonforce or Led zepellin authorize it and are willing to give their masters then it won't happen.

OT: I thought that the closed beta has already been in progress since like november and that this would be the open beta. I hope this means that songs will be available for purchase soon since there's a few songs I cannot wait to get.


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Apr 11, 2008
If this shit keeps up I'll need to buy Rockband 2 from the UK. Damn you Harmonix for not letting us Aussies have Rockband 2 for no good reason!