Rumor: Xbox 360 to Get USB Storage Support

Dec 16, 2009
Virgil said:

Mr Ink 5000 said:
Look at M$'s track record, why would they allow customers to use a storage device that the sale of which gave no profit to M$?
In the past few years, 2-8gb flash drives have become fairly cheap and common - it's probably getting more expensive for MS to make their memory cards than what they can sell them for. On top of that, very few people buy the memory cards, and there are now downloadable games that exceed the 512mb maximum capacity of the cards they sell.

There are a number of good financial reasons to open that up. On the other hand, there aren't nearly as many good reasons for them to allow people to install any hard drive into their console to upgrade the storage that way, so it's unlikely that you'll see them change their policy on hard drives.
I see your point, but I still think M$ would be more likely to eradicate the cards in favour of just selling hard drives, than allowing people to use another company's storage media (even if it is somewhat limited/capped in size)