Running With Scissors Announces New and Improved Postal Forums

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
Running With Scissors Announces New and Improved Postal Forums

Following a brief shutdown, Postal []forums have been cleaned up and put back online.

"We are welcoming fans to come and take part," said Jon Merchant, who led the reconstruction of the forums, which included the removal of the ongoing flame wars and inappropriate content the company said kept many of the "more mainstream" fans away. The new forums also include an updated layout and ongoing news about the upcoming Postal []movie, the Postal 2 Multiplayer Patch and other related information. "It's a new and fresh start," he said.

"With a franchise like Postal, where the community is at the heart of our success, it's just not acceptable to have the forums abused by people who are there to alienate everyone else. That's all over," promised Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi. "We've always been about Vox Populi. The Voice of the People is the one voice we've listened to for ten years now and there is no way we're going to stop now."

"We encourage fans and curious individuals to drop by and share your thoughts on the Postal movie, the various Postal games and, of course, the Postal Babes," Merchant added. "The forums also make an excellent place to post any modifications or artwork you've created based on the various Postal products."

Fans of all things Postal, as well as those gripped by simple morbid curiosity, can check out the hot new (and still potentially NSFW) Postal forums at [].