Sci-Fi Kids Books Are Both Adorable and Nerdy


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May 25, 2010
Sci-Fi Kids Books Are Both Adorable and Nerdy

Sure, these books are brilliant, but it hurts just a little to realize that they'll never make it to store shelves.

As the nerd generation is now old enough to have kids of its own, new parents might be wondering just what kind of books they should use to read their little tykes to sleep with. The folks at College Humor are clearly concerned about this issue, and have created a series of book covers that meld some of the most iconic children's books with some of the most beloved sci-fi franchises.

While the book covers are clearly satirical, seeing franchises like Star Trek, Dune and Doctor Who combined with books like The Pokey Little Puppy, Goodnight Moon, and Oh, the Places You'll Go is simultaneously adorable and thrilling. The Doctor Who cover, seen here, is my personal favorite.

The book covers are certainly clever and - more importantly - adorable. If someone ever manages to put some actual books out based on these ideas, I will buy every single one and read them to my godkids when I visit for the holidays.

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The Random One

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May 29, 2008
Someone needs to work on making these, or something like these, a reality.

Otherwise I'll need to raise my children on Dr. Seuss, and when you start enjoying fantastical magical animals it's a slippery slope to dungeons and dragons. I will not have fantasy in this house! This is a sci fi house, damn it!


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Aug 31, 2009
I really, REALLY want the Battlestar Bears. Not that I'm a big Battlestar Galactica fan; I'm a fan of The Bearenstein Bears. I'm kind of disappointed that there wasn't an Arthur or a Curious George (the later could have involved other damned dirty apes) but what they did have was awesome.


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Aug 3, 2009
Battlestar Bears...I died laughing. That's frakin hilarious. Of course the other ones are good too but that one...oh my.


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Dec 1, 2009
I will have to buy these for my children when I have them. And also the children's C'thulhu books, because those are precious.


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Sep 25, 2010
This is the story of Amelia pond
a ten year old girl who's hair is not blond
she lived in a great house, in the old countryside,
where that is no one knows, believe me ive tried

the home on a hill had a nice picket fence
with a great shade of green that left no suspense
but in that great house was a great empty hall
the see-saw saw no one, no one at all
not a soul nor a shoe could Amelia call
but did that bother her-no sir not at all

im sure if she thought of it she'd be quite disturbed
but the crack in the wall had left her peturbed
she prayed to santa- and the tooth fairy too
there had to be someone who'd know what to do

"please dear santa," little amy would pray
please send me help without delay
the crack in the wall has glowing white rays
and the whispers it makes are leaving me frayed

now as she was praying she heard a great heave
like an asthmatic man that was trying to breathe
the peculiar sound was then met with a flash
which was promptly followed by an untidy crash

Amy looks out the window, and what's it she sees?
a blue police box! tipped 90 degrees

ms pond runs down the stairs and to the ground floor
in time for the box to open its door
now out pops a man of amicable type
he has brown curled up hair, and a blue pin-stripe
the man then hobbled with an unsteady stride
and slammed head first to the tree by his side

maybe he wasnt yet used to the height,
he was rather tall and the clothes dont fit right?
the man bounced himself up and flashed amy a grin
"Hello, im the doctor, mind if i come in?"

Amy nodded, and the man swaggered in a jovial mood
"my dear" he said, "im famished, would you have any food?"
they opened the fridge and puled out the plates
and the nourishment came out at a flurishing rate

she first gets some pears and he gives them a fling
no thank you i dispise the things
what i like are banannas, or some onion rings
i know what i want, lets make a pudding!

they then make their custard, and they eat too
and after the kitchen's not as clean as it used to
Amy popped the question, right then and there
"Please, Mr. Doctor, that crack gives me a scare"

"Ill have a look, dont you fret my dear
but let me just make one thing explicitly clear.
Misters are masters, so just Doctor would suffice
Im not a master, you can see im quite nice"

her lanky new friend skipped to her room
"is this the thingee that is causing you gloom"
Amy nodded, and he quipped "dont lose hope"
for I have my new sonic, and my old stethoscope

he pulled them from his pockets (how, we're not sure)
turned on the sonic which gave a soft whirrr
then he listened to the wall, such strange chap
"i see the problem, this is no crack"
but two plains of space that have now overlapped.

he underlapped the ridges and the crack opened wide
before a titonstrous eyball appeared inside
the giant iris yelled "the prisoner has escaped!"
and the crack snapped itself shut like rod sterling's drapes

"what was that?" said Amy. The doc didnt know
"well that settles that, ive got places to go!"
then he thought, "say, what if you join me as well?
We can have an adventure with neat stories to tell
we can see the past, the future, even the present
we can fight daleks or, maybe find something more pleasent.
With my blue machine we can go anywhere.
--just give me ten minutes to make some repairs."

"Dont leave me doctor" said amy starting to cry
noone keeps promises, so what if you lie?
The Doctor assures her he wont give her the boot,
and amy then throws him a piece of happy fruit
he holds the apple with the smile carved on it
he smiles back to her and swears upon it

he goes back to his box and closes the door
the noise starts again, and is seen no more
well they meet again, who knows, well i do
but amy is waiting, and now you are too
===The End====

sorry im not the best at Seuss impersonation. i would love to see this made too. does anyone want to make the artwork?

Canadamus Prime

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Jun 17, 2009
That is adorable! And I must say, my favourite is the Dr. Who one too, although the Battlestar Bears were a close second.


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May 13, 2010
Curious George and the Planet of the Apes. :)

My favorite is "Kirk and Spock are Friends". I work in a library and "Frog and Toad are Friends" is one I see all the time!


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Jun 26, 2009
Pararaptor said:

This is perhaps my favourite thing ever.
Except, technically Star Wars operates on a system of magic and is actuallly classified as fantasy rather than sci-fi.
That and George Lucas's blatant disregard for the whole "science" part of science-fiction.
Still, the very hungry caterpillar... clever.