Seventh Doctor to Play Bilbo Baggins?

Fire Daemon

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Dec 18, 2007
wkrepelin said:
Since it is said that Bilbo "hasn't aged a day" due to his possession of the ring I would really prefer to see Ian Holm pick the role back up. I thought he was quite brilliant in the role and a great actor in general.
So would I. The guy pretty much knows the role inside out from all the times he's played him on the Radio and in the LoTR films. I think he played him pretty well in the films, no reason to not include him in this one.

Not to be that guy, but I'm pretty sure that Frodo didn't throw the ring into Mt Doom. Gollum bit off his finger but then fell into the lava, destroying the ring? Not that it matters or anything.


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Jun 20, 2010
Proverbial Jon said:
OMG if this actually happens I will just explode in an eccstatic display of pure euphoria!

Not only was the rumour that Peter Jackson might be directing it something to marvel at, now my favourite Doctor of all time will possibly be starring in it! I absolutely love Sylvester McCoy, I'll think he'll make a really good fit.

I really hope all these rumours are actually true, I can't say how happy this film will make me, if it ever gets made/released that is. In (premature) celebration, here is a picture of the greatest Doctor Who duo ever. (Or at least on par with series 5's Matt Smith/Karen Gillan)

Yes. Yes indeed.


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Jul 14, 2009
Heh, well that should be intresting...glad to see another ol' British actor getting a reboot into the media ^^


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Sep 11, 2009
Hey, can't say I'm complaining. Maybe I should try finding the older Doctor Who episodes while I'm at it...

Boba Frag

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Dec 11, 2009
Billion Backs said:
Boba Frag said:
I'm sorry, but Sylvester McCoy is way too old for this role...

I think he's a pretty damn fine Doctor, and really enjoyed his regeneration episode, but... well...

It's The Hobbit... when Bilbo is considered a young hobbit. I think it's being forgotten that Elijah Wood's Frodo was roughly the same age as Bilbo was when he started having adventures.

Personally, I think Martin Freeman from The Office and Love Actually would be sublime in the role.

And that's the original Office, by the way.
It's been years since I've read all the books ( I used to be a pretty fervent tolkienist some decade ago) but I'm pretty sure Bilbo was closer to middle age in the Hobbit. I think he was about 50 or so in the Hobbit, and Frodo was in his 30s. Which is pretty young for hobbits, I think they become "adults" when they're 33 or something like that.

I might be wrong though, it's been a while.

Also, hey guys, let's totally have Mr. Shamalamalamalamayan direct this movie! At least that way we'll know for SURE that great source material is going to be raped.
Frodo was in his thirties when Bilbo left, yes, but by the time he actually set off he was the same age. And Hobbits don't age the same way humans do.

The source material was always going to be well looked after by Peter Jackson as executive producer. Let's not forget that Del Toro did a spectacular job with Pan's Labyrinthe, so it was never going to be a case of the sacred text being defiled. That's a bit melodramatic.

I wouldn't let Shyamalan run an ice cream stall after the Last Airbender disaster. He's pretty much finished.