Silent Hill Comes To Wii

Aug 13, 2008
Velocirapture07 said:
Survival horror for the wii - now you can see every pixel of fear and horror!!!!!
so silent hill on the ps1 had fine graphics...
but silent hill on the wii with (for the wii at least) really decent graphics so far is pixelated madness?

hmm, fair enough i guess


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Mar 20, 2009
The game "watches" you? That could be really awesome and could totally play into the themes of the Silent Hill series.

But will it work?


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Nov 7, 2006
I have to concur with the Silent Hill 2 love.

Silent Hill 2 for me, is that game I always look for in a stores 'used' section, but know I will never find. I still enjoy looking though, and if I found it one day I would make it mine!

Yes I know I could just order it online, but then what would I do in game stores?

Silent Hill 2 was definitely my favourite of the series, I always rented silent hill games and beat them over a weekend. I've played one through four (the room) but don't actually own any of them. I was hoping the new Silent Hill would be good but stayed away due to a lot of bad comments made about the direction it took. But lately I've found a lot of people making negative comments about games that I felt didn't deserve those comments, so maybe I should give it a go at some point :)

I will likely at least rent this silent hill for the wii. I hope I get some free time at around when it comes out, as I already can't wait to enjoy this game :D


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Mar 22, 2009
I read about it on ign today. It's by the people who made origions, but they seem to know what they're doing.
And I'm glad it's SH1 because I didnt get it for the PS1. They should do a reimagining for all of them!