SingStar Coming to PS3

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Singstar Coming to PS3

Sony announces plans for a PlayStation 3 version of Singstar.

SingStar, a major karaoke franchise released in Europe on the PlayStation 2, will be revived on the PlayStation 3 this June in Europe and this fall for the U.S.

The next-gen iteration will focus heavily on utilizing the PlayStation Network for downloading new songs and content, as well as community building. Via Sony's online store, players can purchase and preview tracks and acquire other music-related accessories to customize their game. Those with a USB camera can record their own performances and upload their videos onto SingStar's online "SingStore," where viewers can rate each other.

Sony president Phil Harrison commented on SingStar's ability to create an online following. "Where we are going with the integration of community and commerce blended together is a very compelling experience on PlayStation 3. We are working very closely with the music industry to get a very wide variety of songs up on the network."

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