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Jan 8, 2010
I'm generally into more lore friendly mods cause I'm boring like that though did get posh mudcrabs for a while and when bored I make dance parties.

I have moonlit tales installed which among other things allows werewolves to attack and infect others. Then went around to various holds and towns infecting NPCs. The havoc during the next full moon was glorious. Some places ended up being nothing but werewolves chasing kids.

I also find it amusing for my character to be sitting in her nice warm tent (frostfall) while her companion is standing outside in a blizzard. Bah he has fur, he'll be fine.


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Feb 28, 2010
Qvar said:
I'm a boring guy and want my games to be "realistic" :(
I feel the same way, it's weird. A lot of funny mods make me laugh, but if I install them, I just sigh every time they happen in-game. I guess it just ruins it for me, like "That's not supposed to be in there!"

OT: I only recently got back into the game because the DLC is out and I heard about the Falskaar mod on here like...a week ago. So far enjoying it besides being a mage is fucking difficult. Sparks is SO weak.


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Apr 1, 2009
Whatever, just wash your hands.
Alek_the_Great said:
Worgen said:
Well, you could always go for the ultimate mod.

I think it speaks for itself.
I think you confused "ultimate" with "unholy abomination" there.
I think you're confusing 'unholy abomination' with 'completely awesome.


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Mar 18, 2009

I have SkyUI, realistic blood and the whole shebang but nothing beats the real Fus Ro Dah. I was pretty disappointed when I heard the vanilla shout in game so I looked for a more suitably grand one. This mod does not disappoint and with the Chant it's even better. Now every time you use this shout it has weight and soul behind it.
Mr.Tea said:
I've found a new favourite sound mod :3

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May 15, 2010
I just wiped my mods and threw in a bunch of ones I hadn't really used before, plus the ever present SkyUI, the must-have SKSE, and various graphical updates.
Here There Be Monsters adds some huge bosses to the sea to the north of Skyrim, which are fairly difficult. I tried to take one on at lvl 10, Tiamat which is a huge Storm Atronach. I think I got one hit on it which barely moved the hp bar, it got one hit on me and flattened my character. Also ran into a giant mudcrab that taunts you.
I also added in the Immersive Creatures mod, Monster mod and Monster wars mod... those 3 together add in some heavy duty ass-whipping monsters in the random encounters... and makes skyrim dangerous as hell to just wander around in. Ouch. Makes my first death because of a giant's homerun swing (which incidentally knocked me from whiterun almost back to riverwood before the reload) small in comparison as I'm constantly being owned by heavy hitting monsters.