Skyrim: ProTips


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Sep 4, 2009
500 saves, 3rd playthough and counting.

CommonSenseTip: Make a new save after passing through into a new zone in combat areas such as bandit forts, etc. Also do it when you're about to enchant/smith, in case you bollocks up your maths and waste too much money.

ProTip: Currently horse physics is messed, so exploit it! Your horse can run up anything up to a 90 degree slope, as long as it has some form of continuity to it. As long as there's a bridging surface, you can progress up from the floor to the almost-wall in the width of one horse leg.

With enough determination you can climb up The Throat of The World horseback in almost a straight line from Whiterun, just dodging sheer flat cliff faces.

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May 19, 2010
Phlakes said:
Protip: go straight Archery with Sneak and Restoration. Congratulations, you can now beat everything.
Or you can get Impact in the Destruction tree. All I do is cast Firebolt(had to restart Mage thanks to corruption, so I don't have Incinerate back yet) and even dragons fall with little to no resistance. You get the first shot and it's game over.

synobal said:
Am I the only one who thinks these 'tips' ruin the spirit of the game? It isn't all about stats and min maxing and cheating your way to the best stuff.
You're preaching to the choir here, bro. I don't mean to sound rude, but no one "actually" cares. :/


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Apr 7, 2010
Platypusbill101 said:
Ironman126 said:
The only tip you REALLY need is: Stay the hell away from the giants.
Once you figure it out, the giants´ attacks are actually pretty easy to dodge, and with heavy armor and/or defense boost spells, you can survive at least one hit.
Yeah... Heavy armor... Um... Yeah... See, playing a "Ranger" Bow/sneak/single one-handed sword user who wears leather armor, giants are a problem for quite some time. I mean, higher levels, i can pretty much just shoot them to death before they have the chance of hitting me or even getting close. But have fun going toe-to-toe with them.


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Dec 25, 2008
twice as cheap?

you can go around that troll by climbing the rocks on the left or freezing it with the ice form shout. Really, I only used the shouts to pussy out of fights at low levels. Maybe it's cause I was using Lydia. seriously, I did a test with her at full health and decked out with flawless ebony armor. guess how many hits it took from my mace to kill her.

Don't go for destruction magic. You're going to want that magicka for healing and possibly summons. Candle that burns twice as bright and all.

no matter how strong the Draugr is, it has the same weakness: AI. mess with the pathfinding, and any fight can be one (at the expense of every arrow you have.)