So Long, Ultimates: Marvel Reveals Details On Ultimate End


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Jul 29, 2008
The only ending for the Ultimate U that would work is if every panel has a different character hitting Jeph Loeb in the nuts.
Followed by actual photos of people working at Marvel actually hitting him in the nuts.
Followed by him being fired.


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Jun 2, 2010
I think there are only 2 characters worth saving from the Ultimate Universe. Miles Morales and the Ultimate "Jessica Drew" Spider Girl (female clone of Peter Parker, kind of ala X-23). The rest? While some of it was interesting, and to be fair the Ultimates take on Peter Parker was also the best take on Spider-Man in decades before they unceremoniously killed him off. (good job Marvel have one of your pop culture recognizable "hero" characters gun down a 16 year old on the street.)

There is pretty much no other character salvageable or that is not either better handled or more widely known that is worth saving. Yeah UU take on Aunt May is fantastic. But it just does not work in mainline Marvel. Same with Cap, X-Men etc. They were all interesting Elseworlds if you will. The bloody New Universe characters integrate better. (I'm still waiting for my X-Men meet Kickers Incorporated!)

Jake Martinez

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Apr 2, 2010
The relentless promotion of Miles Morales as Spider-man always seemed to me to be fueled by people who merely liked the idea of replacing a well known hero with a new one that wasn't white. I suppose they either think it's transgressive, or progressive, or some other sort of -essive or -ism that they want to support on a conceptual level.

Unfortunately, once you get past that and really examine the content, it was pretty mediocre.

Anyway, as one of these actual "Persons of Color" (Hey, I thought calling us colored people went out of style in the 60's? Thanks for bringing it back you culturally sensitive white people) I kind of find the entire episode pretty distasteful. Ultimate Spiderman was an "Okay" book. It didn't deserve the praise that got heaped upon it, and it certainly felt to me like that praise wasn't actually for the book itself, but instead because some people wanted to use the book to send a political message that they felt comics desperately needed (Because as we all know, comic books are some sort of hotbed of racial intolerance or something).

I think in the end, this probably made the situation worse. It's not like everyone is a moron and can't figure out WHY some things get tirelessly promoted despite their actual merit and yes, some people are going to be reactionary to that. In fact, it's probably entirely justified if you actually care about quality of the content of comic books instead of just the "message" you perceive them sending. While I'm certain that there were some people who were angry because they are actual racists and hate the idea of a minority replacing a white super hero, I'm also very certain that those people would be in the extreme minority. Most people were probably like me, an actual minority, that felt as a comic book reader, I was having my intelligence insulted.

My advice for people who want to turn everything into a social cause is: Don't. If you see something you approve of, then support it, but maybe be a little picky about what you support in terms of quality, otherwise it's just patronizing and you're actually being offensive to the people you think you are supporting (like me).


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Dec 21, 2014
Dead Metal said:
Miles Morales one of the best takes on Spider-Man in decades? Are you high?
He was a neat concept and idea, achieved exactly nothing. Heck Dock Ock was a better Spider-Man, and his run was defined as him trying to surpass Peter but failing miserably.
The best take on Spider-Man that wasn't Peter was Miguel O'Hara, in the original 2099 run. The original Prowler kicks Mile's ass as Spider-Man, and he didn't even have powers.

I personally can't wait to see this Universe die and never show itself again, the good things about it have long since been outweighed by the bad. I just hope they get Quentin Beck out of there and back to 616 so he doesn't suffer the indignity to die alongside the dreck that populates it.

I do hope they save Nick Fury though, would be a shame to loose him, best version of the character.
A fellow Superior Spidey fan, well met! The Ultimate universe had one more gem. Deadpool. I liked where they went with it, how they ended it. I was genuinely sad to see it end. I've been watching videos of the books recapped, and have been enjoying them. This Deadpool had an arc, layers; going from lovable sociopath to sad clown, to finding a sense of solidarity...facing his death with a smile. He's fought with SH.I.E.L.D., killed dead presidents, married the bride of Dracula and Queen of the demons Shikla, discovered he has a wife and daughter, became friends with a SHIELD agent that was briefly tied to his soul, fought a last stand against those that would have tried to kill his daughter, and left the role of Deadpool. He died at peace. He'll be missed.