Sony, Intergi Join Forces for SOE Network Advertising

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Sony, Intergi Join Forces for SOE Network Advertising

Intergi []to provide ad placement across Sony's entire network.

The deal will cover over 30 of Sony's websites, including their top gaming portal at []. Intergi says its unique services, including smart technology and highly configurable optimization capabilities, "will enhance SOE's ability to monetize the SOE network."

"We feel this is a tremendous alliance," said Intergi CEO Jayson Dubin. "SOE is a worldwide leader in online games, so it was natural for us to be able to leverage our digital and online advertising expertise in the gaming industry for such a poweful brand."

Sony's Director of Web Presence Jacob Robinson added, "SOE's sites are a critical component of our brand and are a front-line resource when it comes to reachign gamers and advertisers. Intergi will h elp bring more value to these sites with targeted advertising that is relevant to gaming enthusiasts."

Intergi offers highly-customized advertising campaigns to web portals and game companies including Blizzard []and many others. The company serves over three billion page views every month, reaching a monthly audience of over 70 million gamers.