Sony Outlines PS3 Multimedia Plans

Junaid Alam

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Apr 10, 2007
Sony Outlines PS3 Multimedia Plans

At a recent conference Sony sought to project the multiplicity of options open to developers on the PS3 platform.

Sony official Michael Shorrock expounded on the company's vision for the PlayStation 3 [] as an all-around multimedia device at the Online Game Developers Conference recently.

Shorrock delivered a slide presentation depicting what he called the company's "Wheel of Services."

It comprises six components: movies, programs and music; a PlayStation Store; an avatar world for online gamers; multiplayer gaming; in-game and network advertising; wireless functions; and communication with the PSP and other mobiles.

Shorrock pitched the project as a flexible one ripe with opportunities to the crowd of developers:

The moderator inquired if pavilions must be purchased or leased by publishers. "What we're creating is a very flexible model for developers and publishers," Shorrock responded. "We're open to proposals, how you might like to proceed." Some publishers, he said, might want their pavilions to be free. "Some people might want to charge. Our business model is flexible enough to allow for either way."

Developers can create any sort of pavilion they wish. Shorrock used the example of a casino, with mini-games, admitting he didn't know how developers would choose to monetize it. But building outposts in Home will also lead to new gameplay, he believes. "That's the innovation that we'd like to see, and it's going to come from the creativity of the developers in this room. I can't predict where it's going to go."

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