Sony Sued Over Buzz! Trivia

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Sony Sued Over Buzz! Trivia

PlayStation 2 []infringes on its trademarks.

Buzztime, which manufactures trivia games for use in pubs and restaurants, had registered numerous "buzz"-related trademarks including "Buzztime," "Buzzhead," "Buzzkids" and "Share the Buzz," according to a report on Sony Computer Entertainment Europe [] is offering "similar products to similar audiences, sometimes through similar channels," and that the company has engaged in "malicious, fraudulent, knowing, willful and deliberate" trademark infringement by misleading its customers into thinking the trivia games are related to Buzztime.

The issue was brought to a head when Sony filed for three Buzz! trademarks, all of which are still pending. Buzztime is seeking the recall and destruction of all offending Buzz! trivia products, as well as actual and punitive damages, legal fees and an order to the U.S. Patent Office to deny Sony's request to register the Buzz! trademarks.