Sony's Getting Nervous About Its Excellent PS4 Sales


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May 28, 2011
gigastar said:
Is it possible to have an obligatory sales comparison whenever console sales are brought up?

Its no secret that the PS4 is doing better right now, but its always irking me that nobody seems to know by how much.
thats because... noone actually does. there is no actual way to gauge all sales. the only people that know that is Sony and Microsoft. and we either have to trust the numbers they come up with (with no proof) or not know and try to extrapolate from other methods (like what VGChartz are doing). Thing is, neither method is really reliable.

What makes it worse, is that the companies use different data. Sony claims it has sold 10 million, meanwhile Microsoft only reports that it shipped 7 million to shops, so if there is 1 million Xbox Dones in stores that means they only sold 6 million in reality. thus the reported numbers arent even comparable.

lacktheknack said:
Heh. I'm reminded of the time that the Catholic Church purchased all of William Tyndale's English Bibles and burned them all... giving Tyndale enough money to print even more than there were before.
see, the problem with that is that consoles are selling at a loss, thus if MS bought them all and burned them, SOny would actually have a loss as it sold no games to offset the console costs.


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May 31, 2011
Ylla said:
Ninmecu said:
LazyAza said:
Sony HQ:

CEO: "Guys we're making all this money, how did we do it!?!?!"
Random Shlub: "Uh I think cause we made it like, good? and customer friendly? and nicely priced?"
CEO: "Hmmmm, that sounds like crazy talk to me"

*meanwhile at microsoft*

CEO: "So how's phase 5 coming along? you know the one where we start actively stealing money from people with XboxOnes?"
Random Minion: "Uh We're still finishing up phase 4 sir, operation kick everyone in the nuts, we haven't figured out how to kick girls in the nuts yet but we'll come up with something!"
CEO: "Excellent" *maniacal 80s villain laughter* *lightning strikes and thunder as camera zooms out from evil lair*

And so concludes my explanation.

The bit about a good product and nicely priced isn't true of every country, here in Canada they upped the price tag to 450 per console(with no special editions.) and the games come just shy of 100$ with taxes. That's ludicrous. I refuse to pay that much extra when I literally live on the god damned border. To make matters worse, you don't see Microshill doing the same thing. Know why? Because they're not on top right now, that's the only reason Sony thinks it can get away with this kind of bullshit. I honestly hope they all crash and burn, it's about time they stop thinking they can do as they please and send bullshit declarations from on high and we'll just accept them without pause or reasoning.
YAY, no thats because MS has better international relations than Sony, Although i find two things strange:
-First the PS4 is now cheaper in my country (Mexico) the same goes for most south America (except Brazil), Sony is changing in that aspect.
-Second why dont you cross the border and buy the games? or use the digital market?
Because the Canadian Customs bureau are a bunch of twats who create imaginary value to various articles. 1,000$ worth of PC Parts? Goes through no problem. Pair of shoes I can only import from the US? 100$ worth of dues. Because fuck logic.

Edit: I should also mention that during that period where the Canadian dollar was worth more than the American, we still didn't receive any discounts and actually got less points on points cards from both Sony and MS with regards to their American counter parts. Which wasn't reflected in the marketplace, because we still needed the same exact amount of points per purchase. Nintendo was the only one selling cards that seemed to maintain a universal value(And still do to this day.)


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Jun 30, 2014
I wonder that too. This new-gen is really a weird time to be a gamer.