South Park As A Gated Community


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Aug 30, 2012
CriticKitten said:
Quadocky said:
I would say the same could be said of any political humor, to be honest, not just "conservative humor".

In general, political humor tends to require that you actually somewhat agree with the political message being projected behind the joke, otherwise it's not really all that funny.

Unless, of course, you're the sort of comedian who just points to the stupid shit that the government does and then covers your face with your hands. That sort of humor is the kind of political humor that just about anyone can appreciate.
That is just it though, 'political humor' isn't suppose to make you laugh so much as 'cheer'. Its a weird sort of self-gratuitous affirmation of "I am right you are wrong NEENER NEENER NEENER!!"

Jon Stewart for example is a comedian because he is funny given he follows traditional humorous set ups of defying expectations. (of course when he is being serious the audience of course cheers appropriately)

But the main problem I am Having right now is with the word liberal and conservative. As either fail to describe the crux of the issues I am trying to get at. For example, the Amazing Atheist could be called 'liberal' but to me he suffers from the same problem as people like Rush Limbaugh so I don't considering him Liberal. Bill Maher is similar, the only difference is that he actually learns and changes which is at least somewhat more admirable. Mr. Limbaugh on the other hand will beat a horse dead, run it over with a truck, place a flag on it, then complain endlessly about it being dead, then start beating it again.


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Nov 10, 2011
BeoW0lfe said:
All right children! Let's do this!

First of all, I like Bob. I work in a movie theater and take most of my recommendations from his reviews. His Big Picture shows are mostly great. But this was a bad article. Professionalism and side taking are like toothpaste and orange juice in my opinion. They don't mix.

One side is never completely right. One side is never completely wrong. The message SP sends (in my own opinion) is to take the points of each "side" and pick and choose like you're at a buffet. For example:


The "Conservatives" Have Right:

The Government is actually bloated, ineffectual, and destroying america's financial credibility.

Welfare should be regulated. I, John Q. Taxpayer, should not have to pay to support Shaniqua D. Babymomma having three more children and a bag of weed. However, I DO want to support Jane S. Outtaluck who just lost their job. I don't owe anyone, but Welfare has a purpose.

The Constitution is actually sacred. You may have my gun from my cold dead fingers.

The Police are for solving crimes and punishing lawbreakers. THEY ARE NOT CRIME PREVENTERS. We live in a free society. I am free to break the law, but not to escape the punishments. There is a difference that many liberals do not understand.

Illegal immigrants do not have (legal rights, they still have human rights) rights. They do not "Deserve" citizenship, medical care or protection. They chose the incorrect way to enter a country.

The "Liberals" Have Right

Keep your religion to yourself. I do not need your religious creation MYTH stated as fact in my/my children's science classes.

Your religion can have laws over your own life, however this is a Democracy, not a Theocracy, and because "God says no to gay marriage and abortion" does not mean that it should be law.

People should not be judged on race, gender, sexuality, religion... etc. However, this also applies to (oh god say it isn't so!) white heterosexual males.

Again, these are entirely my opinion, but there is a point to this. South Park does have a viewpoint that Bob accurately described as "everyone is equally wrong" but his approach in the article is wrong. Liberals are not the crying babe, they are the parent who believes that the baby is entitled to cry loudly in a public space. The BOTH deserved to be slapped. (the parent not the kid) Additionally, to reiterate what some others have said, rein in the hypocrisy. Bob has excellent points on most occasions, but when you let your political ideology bleed through into your writings, you discredit yourself somewhat.

The baby wasn't the liberal, the parent who wasn't doing anything was. So the slappings were equally justified.
No "side" has it all right, but if you take the points of each side that have merit, you can actually "stay in the middle" and make progress. And on the hypocritical note, Once you have ripped Family Guy a new as$hole for comparing the republicans to nazis, then you have my permission to mock South Park.
You don't need guns to be safe (just look at my country, Sweden), EVERYONE has the right to healthcare, the Republicans ARE practically Nazis, and the US Constitution was written more than two goddamn centuries ago by a bunch of rich, white, straight SLAVE OWNERS.

There you go!


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Feb 11, 2013
Yes, correct. Everyone who disagrees with mainstream liberal philosophy as espoused by Hollywood are just disagreeing to be hipsters. There are no valid concerns with that philosophy. (It's actually a lack of a philosophy, but that's a topic for a different place/time).