Spec Ops: The Line - A poem???


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Dec 27, 2009
I'm not even sure if this one's suitable for gaming boards, but I just felt like writing something about the way The Line made me feel as somebody who used to draw a measure of pride from having the last name 'Warman'. If you haven't played it, do, as long as you're in a secure place in your head, because it stung me like a wasp. So I had to get it out somehow...

Game of the Year

I had a pride ? my name:
It died with the 33rd
Seared away in the perfect white flashes
The noise and the smoke that didn?t trouble me
When viewed through a monitor, through my monitor
The dichrome screen had only ?Tangos? there
And from on high I burnt them all in puffs,
In simple little wreathes of smoke
But then they told me
?Come, we must go through.?
And nausea grew
Dread crept
And silent horror
Dripped down in the stare
Of the burnt-out Maddona
And the child whose eyes she hid
Don?t cry my darling, please?don?t?
But still I think the girl knew far too much
The just-slight gaping of her mouth
The wrinkle of a tear tells me
She heard the screams, the crackle
Of smelted flesh.
Windows are blacked out - eyes
The mother?s are exposed:
Permanent marker questions
Because I wanted to be something I?m not.
A hero.

Capcha: 'words of wisdom'
I doubt it, but there ya go =P