Square Enix: Disc Based Sales Are Killing Us


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Sep 20, 2009
cursedseishi said:

Let's totally blame the retailers for the faults of game sales and success shall we? I'm actually bloody well tempted to fly down to Japan, and with my grade-school equivalency of Japanese, tell the bugger off and make him watch the Jimquisition episode (among the other videos that state the same) so that some day they might understand the unnecessarily high budgeting for jack squat is the issue here.

In ONE month, it sold roughly 3.4 million copies. ONE FRAKKEN MONTH! And they decided that was an absolute failure. What game sells more than that in the span of a single month (Call of Duty being the exception here)? Within 48 hours it had a million sales easy. It had, bar none, one of the strongest launches a game could have. Yet because it didn't hit 5 million, it was a flop to them, and to boot now they are arguing that its all the physical media's fault.

Let me repeat what I said... Wow.

Yeah, if "disc based sales" are killing you, it's time to revise the budgets. Other industries have to struggle with this all the time, yet somehow make it work. Marketing and publishing aren't some new beast to be tamed. This isn't your first rodeo Square, stop being stupid.

The Cheesecake factory isn't going to stop selling cheesecake if their business model yields no profit. Instead they will re-evaluate and reorganize.

Stop being lazy and pedantic Squeanix, and just admit that the money you dumped into MMO's is not being bolstered enough by sales from your other games, however "good" or "bad."

Also, maybe if they made JRPG's worth caring about, they wouldn't be in such a state. At this rate, their "Saving throw" of FF7 Remake isn't far off, so maybe that's a plus!