STALKER Prequel Previewed

Junaid Alam

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Apr 10, 2007
STALKER Prequel Previewed

A prequel to STALKER is in the works and <a href=>CVG has acquired some details about the upcoming title.

Set a year ahead of the first game's developments, it will place the player in the shoes of a stalker who is hunting the previous protagonist.

Unlike the superficially serene setting of the original, the world environment of the prequel will be chaotic and charged with more manifestations of anomalies.

Purportedly, the player will experience about 50 percent totally new areas of the map, with the remainder rendered differently from the original but covering the same geographical area.

Notably, various factions of stalkers are pit against one another, and the player can join the factional struggle and participate in battles to help wrest control of key areas from other competitors.

The game will also reportedly resolve some of the flaws present in Stalker's user interface, including the map. Graphics are also being overhauled and a purely DirectX 10 version is a distinct possibility.