Stolen Pixels #137: Breen Interviews Commander Shepard

L4Y Duke

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Nov 24, 2007
The Rogue Wolf said:
LegsyWegsy said:
everytime someone says Commander Shepard i think of the protagonist from Opposing Force, who was cooler anyway
Ah, but remember, Adrian Shephard was a Corporal, not a Commander.

Y'see, Shamus, I keep track of what attitude each of my characters have by way of naming. For example, my good character in Fallout 3 was Daniel "Don't Call Me Danny" Lupiero, because nobody ever names a bad guy Danny, right? However, the bad girl of the Capital Wasteland I played on my second playthrough was named Alisha "Sin" Sincavage, because thinking of a heavily-armed and leather-clad woman who calls herself "Sin" makes me happy in my happy places.

...I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?
I did the same thing. I have 2 saves: one male, one female. (Hey, I don't own ME, I rented it once or twice.) I named my goodie-goodie Adrian (Accidental reference to HL:OF's protagonist. I meant to reference the C&C guy.), and my female engineer... something else.

Hey, it's been a while, OK?