Streamlining that you agree with


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May 19, 2012
The Skyrim leveling system was a huge improvement over the Oblivion leveling system, no matter what people say. The old system was incredibly flawed, because you basically gimped your character if you simply played the game without deliberately gaming the system. For example, you could attain a higher level if you deliberately picked your primary skills to be the exact opposite of what your character was supposed to be. If you wanted to make the best possible character you also had to heavily control your leveling so that you'd always get +5 in a stat. Failing to do this would yield a less powerful character overall in the long run. Also if you didn't max Endurance as early as possible your character would simply have fewer hitpoints than a character who maxed that stat ASAP forever.

Stuff like that was just incredibly broken and made the game not all that fun, because you simply couldn't play the game how you wanted and still build the most powerful possible character. In order to actually build a really strong character you had to basically follow a strict training program that left no room for just fun and adventuring. 10 hours of letting mudcrabs pinch you till your heavy armor goes up just to get a +5 endurance mod on leveling could end up being part of your "gameplay".

Complexity just doesn't do a game any good if that complexity compels you to play the game in an utterly non-fun way.

Also let's not forget that despite having more complex stats, due to only having 4 perks per skill, and the magic perks just being access to stronger spells the Oblivion system actually had a lot fewer mechanics to modify how your character works than Skyrim.


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Aug 31, 2009
From Skyward Sword to Breath of the Wild, I really like how you can upgrade your stamina meter and eat food/drink potions that further augment your stamina. Yeah, Skyward Sword had those green stamina flowers that refill stamina if you find them but Breath of the Wild just does Stamina much better.

In Fallout: New Vegas (I don't think this was in 3 or 4 but it was definitely in...2...and/or the original) if you set your intelligence low enough you get new dialog options which basically turn your character into a grunting moron. It's great for role-playing and makes the game that much more memorable.

In Fallout 4 however, junk items are more than just set-dressing as they're necessary in crafting. Crafting in general went from being something that kinda applies to weapon augmentation and it blossoms into an arguably pointless town-building sim. It's not great but it gives the 5-billion broken pencils and bent cans you find some use outside of ammo for the Rock-It-Launcher.


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Nov 20, 2008
I have to agree with nuking weapons degradation in Fallout 4. It was a challenge that I was willing to live with for the series, but ultimately not desirable. Just because I could keep Pew Pew in tons of energy cells and laser pistols to keep it pristine doesn't mean it was necessary to have that feature.