Take A Look At Microsoft's Official Xbox One Headset


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Apr 16, 2010
Well, regarding why there are headset mics in a world that has mandatory Kinects, I would assume it is to allow you to hear incoming voice chat in an earphone, not masked under all the other game sound from your monitor/TV. Also, groups of more than one person in the same room to be using more than one mic between them may be a consideration. Having multiple people playing online splitscreen or in the same room on different boxes, and also wanting to use separate voice inputs might be a somewhat rarer user case, but it still happens.

As pointed out above, this will likely (read: certainly) be for communication audio only. If you'd like a headset that does game audio and voice chat, those do exist, but they probably won't be sold first-party.

Not trying to play righteous defender here; just, you know, think for a second before immediately ripping into something.


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Apr 22, 2013
I don't even use headsets and I can tell you that It's crap for a number of reasons.

1. It's imbalanced
2. Uses mono sound even though we've had stereo for decades
3. It will be fragile
4. It has a battery and is wired, which is just unnecessary
5. The wrap around piece will be annoying
6. Doesn't the kinect already have a (claimed) "top of the line" mic? you should not need this.

Even though Sony's ear-bud may be bad at least it has some sort of balance, won't need a battery, have the wrap around bit, and isn't unnecessary. Still not the best but it will at least do.