Team Bondi Says Ladies Will Love LA Noire


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Oct 22, 2008
Sober Thal said:
Ladies may love the game, but the ladies IN the game look God awful.

Okay, maybe not God awful, but none of them look under 50. Even the children have old looking faces.

It's creepy.
AGREED! I'm a girl and I love this game, but yes, I haven't seen one good looking woman yet. Thankfully that's only on the girls end. The guys in the game seem definitely better animated in my case.

Also I don't see why rape cases would turn off most girls interested in the game. Law & Order SVU is a favorite of a bunch of my girl friends and myself, god knows thats more than enough rape right there.

The Random One

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May 29, 2008
John Funk said:
"We think it appeals to a really broad church,"
So that's why broads like it? (Badabam.)

Not sure about this. I'm awful at reading people's expressions, but I don't think that's intrinsically linked to my pesky Y chromosome. Anyway, the game is out, are the tells really that subtle or do people mess with their cufflinks while smoke pours out of their ears?


Jun 13, 2008
My wife was a big fan of Heavy Rain and actually insisted we buy LA Noire the day after release. We have to carefully maintain a playing schedule so we both get game time and don't watch the other playing a later case.