"That's Not a Real Job"

Not G. Ivingname

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Nov 18, 2009
If somebody pays you for it, it is a real job.

That is what literally defines a job.

It might be a silly job, a pointless job, or a job that actively uses up resources for no return, but if your being paid, it is a job all the same.


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Sep 2, 2008
A variant on this: I've been told to do a real master/study or to do some proper research, because apparently bioinformatics is not that. -_-'


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Oct 9, 2008
nexus said:
The blue-collar world is rife with pride in suffering. Not miserable every day? You're not a real person then. People that do this like to project their misery onto others. Try to invent a competition for "who has it worst" when there wasn't even a demand for such a thing.

They often brag about being sick, or hurt. They will ask you how you are, and if you reply with "not feeling well", they'll quip out a remark on how they were much sicker than you a few weeks ago, and how they went to work anyway. Etc.

Also, usually alcoholism.

White-collar does it too in their own special sociopath way, so don't get any ideas on me being elitist.
Haha, Im an apprentice carpenter but I have to say I agree with you, and at times have to resist the impulse to do it myself when talking about my work.

Your quote makes me think of this song