The Banner Saga 3 Begins Funding on Kickstarter


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Oct 24, 2013
The Banner Saga 3 Begins Funding on Kickstarter

// has returned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds for the third and final installment of The Banner Saga.

If you were a fan of the first two games in The Banner Saga series, there's some news you'll want to hear today: Stoic Studio has opened up the Kickstarter campaign to help fund The Banner Saga 3. The campaign began this morning, and seeks $200,000 in funding. Stoic said that it is "paying for most of the game ourselves, but the funds we're asking for will enable us to take the time we need and bring the band back together one more time!"

The first Banner Saga game received over $700,000 in Kickstarter funding, and Stoic released the sequel, The Banner Saga 2, without any crowdfunding at all. Now that the company is working on the third game, it says it's going back to where it began.

John Watson, co-founder and Technical Director at Stoic said, "We're going full circle and returning to Kickstarter where it all began. In 2012, the backers were instrumental in bringing the saga to life, smashing our initial funding target that led us to increase the scope, fidelity and production values of Banner Saga." Watson also said that Stoic is not taking any outside funding for this installment.

You'll have to pledge at least $20 to get a copy of the game, and if you do that, you will also have the option to add an additional $20 to receive the first two games in the series as well. Stoic says that all Kickstarter pledges will be fulfilled by the December 2018 date on the campaign, but that the game has no release date as yet.

you can get all the details, and check out all the possible pledges (including a $10,000 option to become the game's Executive Producer) over on the game's Kickstarter page [].



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Dec 30, 2013
Sounds like a fair kickstarter. Give $20, help the game and get the game too. Also you can get all 3 games if you donate $40. I'd sign up for that...matter of fact I might. I have yet to buy any of the titles and they look very interesting.

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Apr 28, 2010
XenoScifi said:
Sounds like a fair kickstarter. Give $20, help the game and get the game too. Also you can get all 3 games if you donate $40. I'd sign up for that...matter of fact I might. I have yet to buy any of the titles and they look very interesting.
Do it. The games are freaking amazing, which is weird because they're really just Oregon Trail meets X-COM. Half of the the games is just watching your company walk along the screen as days go by, and yet it's thrilling. I can give you more details if you want.

Anyway, if I had the money, I'd totally do the $10,000 option because I love this series. Alas, it is not to be. A little sad I have to wait at LEAST another two years, but if three is anything like the other two, the wait will be well worth it.

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Apr 3, 2020
I got the first two in a bundle. Have yet to finish either, but they do seem pretty good and will have to go back and commit to the end. Hope this does well enough as the others to reach console also.


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Dec 19, 2008
Tried the first one, didn't really like it. The game just didn't click with me on any level - the story felt flat and failed to engage me in any meaningful way, the gameplay mechanics felt arbitrary and mildly nonsensical, human characters felt like dead weight compared to the giants and I disliked the visual style. It was a game I flat out disliked.

And yet, it's a game I recognize as good, even though it doesn't align with my tastes. I acknowledge that the visuals are well made and animated, even though I dislike the style, I see the game mechanics have depth, despite me disliking the feel of them. Therefore, I've always considered Banner Saga as an example of something that I can dislike while still having the opinion that it's a good game.

I'm glad they are making a third game. The series obviously has an audience, it's well made and it's not generic or derivative. Good on them, and I hope the kickstarter goes well.


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Nov 24, 2009
Jandau said:
Tried the first one, didn't really like it.
I should respect your opinion. However this is the internet and it's an opinion I don't agree with so you are a monster.


I LOVED the first 2 games so I am really contemplating donating for this. I havn't done kickstarter before but I may actually try this.


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Apr 21, 2020
San Diego, CA
I, too, played the first one and wasn't impressed. They do have some very good art and writing (and some less good). But the gameplay is mostly terrible, both the combat system and the narrative options. Should've made a movie or comic, frankly.


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May 17, 2010
The game's are worth it for the soundtrack on its own. Truly some of Wintory's best work.

I liked both games, Two a lot better than one (it was much more polished and the story kept all the difficult decisions), but they're both great games.


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Sep 28, 2014
I find it a little astonishing to see them go back through Kickstarter again. As much as I thought it was a good thing at the time as much I wonder about the merits of such a enterprise. If the studio can not finance or find investors after 2 episodes very well received, it is because there may be something wrong.

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