The Boss - Needs to do Some Work


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Oct 27, 2009
The Boss - Needs to do Some Work

Melissa McCarthy's significant roles haven't panned out very often. The Boss is just another failure.

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May 15, 2010
My issue with McCarthy has always been that she isn't very funny in her own right. She overuses her size as a crutch for her comedy and it comes across as boring and banal. Also there's a haughty arrogance to her that just feeds my dislike. I've made the comparison many times, and it works, but John Candy was a comedian who happened to be overweight, Melissa McCarthy is a overweight comedian. The differences should be apparent but to further that view, Candy never made his weight part of his comedy and was legit funny whereas McCarthy overplays the weight issue like its her only card and thus comes across as just bad at her chosen career.
I've just never liked her style and I honestly can't get behind anything she does. She could be a dude and I'd still have the same opinion because its not what she is so much as what she does in regards to her lack of talent.


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Jan 19, 2009
Man, you've got a backlog, don'tcha? xD

Anyways, McCarthy. Sigh. I saw this coming.


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Jul 10, 2013
It's better than Tammy?Honestly, after finally watching the movie Spy, I don't think The Boss can top it... I mean, I had to constantly rewind that movie just to re-hear how clever some of comedic dialogue was as well as to hear the dialogue that was being drown out by my constant laughter... Also, I don't think The Boss has a Jason Statham-esque "scene stealer" in the laughter department...

Other than that, holy shit! I forgot Falcone was in an episode of Gilmore Girls!


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Mar 29, 2009
This review is exactly spot on. I watched this movie and kept waiting for it to get funny. Then it ended. There was some back-and-forth banter that was amusing. And the down-to-earth boyfriend that just pretty much said everything he was thinking was okay.

Spy was amazing. I liked McCarthy in Heat. I couldn't stomach Cathy. I'm hoping Ghostbusters IV is a breakout win for her. But as long as her movies keep making money, she'll keep finding work.


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Jul 3, 2013
This is a vehicle movie. A movie existing just to showcase an actor. So, the mileage may vary on how much you will like The Boss. Being a long time Melissa McCarthy fan, I loved this movie. Having said that, I know this movie is flawed in a lot of ways. I liked her chemistry with Sarah Michelle Geller or is it Kristen Bell? I have a hard time telling them apart. What can I say? All blonde, white women look alike to me. The rest of the supporting cast were funny and game for whatever silliness that was thrown at them. At least, The Boss is an original comedy. Unlike, taking a 30 year old movie remaking it with a gender-flipped cast.