The Chinese Room (Dear Esther) Working With Frictional Games (Amnesia)?!

The Virgo

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Jul 21, 2011
Late last year, The Chinese Room, the people who made Dear Esther, posted about a new game they were making codenamed gameB and they said, quote:

"gameB is the codename for a top secret game we're working on that will be due out in Q4 2012. All we can tell you is that it's a survival horror and we have a fantastic development team working hard right now. More information will be released in the new year ..."

Recently, Amnesia devs Frictional Games started a website [] that teased a follow-up to Amnesia. And not too long ago, the picture came into full focus and clicking the picture results in a Google Maps link to the Smith Tower.

Now, this may be old, but if it's not, HERE'S where things get interesting ...

Zooming in all the way on the location of Google Maps shows a map advert for a place called "The Chinese Room at Smith Tower". There's even a website for that business.

... So, if this is not just a coincidence (an unlikely one) and this is a hint that they will be working together, surely the developers behind Dear Esther and the developers behind Amnesia making a game together would equal the creation the scariest and most atmospheric game ever?

What are your thoughts?