The CineMarter Awards - Best of 2015


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Jul 10, 2013
Worgen said:
Must not have been many animated movies out this year of the good dinosaur managed to have a chance at best animated.
Apparently, it's better than The Peanuts Movie... :p Then again, in terms of criticisms, The Peanuts Movie is in the same league as The Force Awakens: Safe, but not Out...

OT: Huh... This made me realized that I am pumped for the Independent Spirit Awards this year!

Other than that, hooray of Ex Machina!


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May 5, 2010
RJ 17 said:
LetalisK said:
RJ 17 said:
LetalisK said:
I don't know why you said "deserve" either. It's not like they or anyone else are entitled to it.
Considering the general reaction and following these two received, it certainly seems like enough people felt they were entitled to it.
Or that's your perception of other people enjoying something you don't like.
Which is precisely why I asked someone to explain to me why these two addicts are so often glorified.
Oh. I thought you were just being snarky.

As for why, it's simply because some people really enjoyed their music and this they are impactful for those people. I don't particularly enjoy either one, so they didn't have an impact on me, but I understand why they might have had an impact on other people. Or they might not even like the music and just think the story is interesting.