The Escapist Calls for News Writers

Russ Pitts

The Boss of You
May 1, 2006
The Escapist Calls for News Writers

You've probably noticed the strip of game news we've been running out for the past several months, and also what a fine job the gracious lads who dig it up each day are doing. Well done, lads.

Want to join them?

We're looking for a few, good game news bloggers and in addition to poking sharp sticks in the internet's underbelly, we're throwing the call out on this here news wire.

Interested parties need not be experienced bloggers (or news hounds) but experience definitely helps, as does a familiarity with games and/or game news. We're looking for folks who can find the interesting news stories of the day, have something interesting to say about them and can say it well. This is, after all The Escapist. Style counts.

Think you've got what it takes, or are willing to find out? Drop us an email to: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] with the subject heading "news writer." We'll be accepting inquiries for the next seven days or so, after which we'll probably make a select few applicants run through various hoops and whatnot. Good luck!