The Escapist Presents Loading Ready Run


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Nov 12, 2009
antigodoflife said:
random123456789 said:
Hmm Yep they are taking over. We know from past experience Graham can do Zero Punctuation - NOTHING on this site is SAFE!!!
link... NOW!

tamaness said:
David_G said:
So, has anyone got information as to when are the videos going to be uploaded?
Unskippable and LRR will both be on The Escapist Mondays. ENN Will still be on Wednesdays, and bonus content, such as Phailhaüs, Loading Time, and others will be on, instead of The Escapist. CommodoreHUSTLE will be on The Escapist on the weeks that it is LRR's weekly update.

So what are the doing with commodoreHUSTLE... it would make more sense if it wasn't an episode into season 2 already


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Jan 5, 2010
commodoreHUSTLE isn't going to have long story arcs any more, since the crew found it made the videos less accessible to newcomers, and the extra time taken up with Hustle was having a negative affect on the quality of other videos. As such, I don't think they're really bothering with a season structure for Hustle any more.