The Escapist Radio Theater #3

The Wooster

King Snap
Jul 15, 2008
Gorgeous artwork, good pacing and naturalistic dialogue. Absolutely fantastic work as per usual. Is the narrative going to stay as light as it is now? Or are we in for some drama?


Intolerable Bore
Dec 24, 2009
Remy Cambridge said:
TheRocketeer said:
They propose that The Last Guardian is going to be unplayable, as if it's a sure thing?
Not to be glib but I believe I covered this with a previous response. As well as admitting a profound fondness for Team ICO's work. The bet in question was in regards to whether or not there will be a playable version available at the conference, nothing more insidious or interesting than that.

I think there might be something wrong with us when someone assumes the worst with any one comment, and imagines some stale age old cinema vs game argument when the reality was much more benign.
Oooooooh, now I get what you meant. I didn't realize when I read the comic that all of those bets were in the context of E3. I just thought by 'unplayable,' you meant the final product would be badly broken or just a terrible game in general, since I often describe very bad games like that.

I wasn't making any sort of reference to the 'film versus game' ballyhoo, either, nor do I think it has any bearing on Team Ico's games, which I really love- although I can see how you might get that from the 'Kojima' comment.

Remy Cambridge

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Feb 8, 2010
Grey Carter said:
Is the narrative going to stay as light as it is now? Or are we in for some drama?
All I can say for now is that I'm playing it by ear. Any time I'd scripted some potentially dramatic scenes, I felt it got in the way of what I'm looking forward to being able to do with this comic. And that ultimate goal will hopefully be apparent in due time.

That said, I've got time for another profile! (Is anyone watching? Oh well.)

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While not the sort to take up the microphone herself, it's her technical know how that actually gets the show working. Whether it's setting up their web space, hooking up an ancient sound board to a modern desktop, or figuring out that it's the basement radiator making that horrible clanking sound, Echo's the one to fix it. While a longtime gamer, the hobby doesn't make up the bulk of her various activities of which no one in the crew really knows everything about. Relatively private at times, she can often be glad to let everyone else do the talking. But when she has something to talk about, she can roll with the best of them.

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Echo's design was easily the first design settled out of the whole cast. In fact, her design has been finished even years before The Escapist Radio Theater would come together. (Although not before the first time I envisioned a small team of gaming journalists as the basis for a comic, and that's a story for another time.) Echo's character, and she is essentially the same character from the various pieces she has been seen in which include everything from fan comics to art tutorials, was often the closest to my own opinion as I would dare throw directly into a comic.