The Escapist's Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2016


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Mar 27, 2013
Considering that latest-replied forum threads were removed off the front page, and instead we get some pictograms about dated factoids, that might have to do with the low numbers this year? It served as a reminder that forums exist on this site...


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May 13, 2009
Worgen said:
Saelune said:
Worgen said:
Yeah, was there a vote or something on this? Cause I can't really remember Uncharted being talked about at all on this site, unless I missed a voting thing or something. I have no idea how it would have beaten Doom since it seems like this site is mostly made of pc gamers. That's not even mentioning how it somehow beat Dark Souls 3.
Oh... wow those are some small voting numbers, that also don't match up. Doom should have been first since it had 16 votes, Dark Souls 3 had 14 so it should have been second, uncharted 4 only had 13.

... Wait, how was battlefield 1 even nominated?
I think I can clear this up. You see, just like the US election, the community choice actually has an electoral college. While Uncharted won the key swing..... pixels..... Both Doom and Dark Souls 3 beat it in the popular vote.

Edit: in all seriousness.... why didn't they do the bracket again? The voting turn out on a random thread (a thread that was probably ignored for a large part of its existence being a sticky) is probably abysmally low compared to the usual thing they've done. Are the brackets too tough to make? Did Cross pull the plug on those when he left?