The Sports Injury Thread


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Apr 16, 2012
Cracked a rib fighting a 20 man Kumite about a month ago.
(basically it's a challege that a black belt in the style of karate that I do can volunteer for. Here's a link for the one I failed a couple of years ago; I've no vids for the one I passed where I cracked he rib in unfortunately )

FYI I didn't make the video It's very complimentary I was actually knocked out twice:)

Over the years I've been knocked out several times, had my nose broken so often to the extent that I can now set it myself, dislocated my arm (that was jujutsu), and broken about 15 toes (at different times).

I've been lucky really.

My work related injuries are slightly more disturbing.

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Jan 19, 2011
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My right ankle is shit.

I twisted it really bad back when I was about twelve, and I was playing on a basketball team. We were outside doing some drills on concrete, and that's when I twisted it like a champ. The coach said I just needed to relax it and take it easy for the rest of the day and I should be fine. The next day we had a huge game and I played for most of it. With no ankle treatment. I have no idea how I got through it.

Now my ankle likes to give out on me randomly and even when I'm standing. I can't lean on my right ankle for very long or much at all due to it. I need to have an ankle brace when I exercise now. I tend to re-injure it from time to time, and I did so about a month ago on a gig. I had to walk around limping and trying to walk normal to not show that something is wrong. Fun times were had.

Because of how bad it is my left ankle has tendonitis that likes to flare up if I do way too much physical work.

Did I mention I'm only 28? I really shouldn't be having these problems at my age. D:


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Jul 29, 2010
From martial arts during my early twenties, broken a meta tarsal and meta carpal, and been knocked around the head quite a bit (karate, krav maga, boxing). Nothing as serious and lasting as some of those above though, holy crap. I consider myself very lucky.

As younger, had lots of scrapes and sprains from skateboarding, climbing, weight lifting. Have a recurring upper back sprain from clinching in Muay Thai when I gave that a go for half a year, really damaged me in the deep muscle tissues and I had radial pains from my back to shoulders down my arms for months, even years on and off but I haven't had it for awhile now so nothing to complain about. Um, does a collapsed arch from running count? Ehh...feel like a bit of a wuss now...


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Jul 28, 2012
The_Kodu said:
I've had
Broken Ankle from playing badminton
1 severely bruised testicle from badminton
Jolted spine (think like a sprain of the entire back) from trampolining.
Mild concussion (hockey)

I've caused (all accidentally mind you)
Three broken toes (Hockey)
1 bruised Shin (Hockey)
1 pair of bruised testicles (Softball)
1 dislocated arm (Judo)
1 slipped disk (Judo)
... My balls hurt now, thanks.


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Feb 23, 2014
Most of my injuries have been from my younger days....lesse now...

Torn left knee ligaments playing high school football.
2 concussions from high school rugby/footie and football.
Dislocated right shoulder playing in a basketball tourney
Groin injury from squatting ( weightlifting )
Cracked collarbone from an arnis sparring session
Temporary vision loss in left eye as shards from my glasses were in my eyeball after they shattered during a basketball game

I am a little disappointed I am not a partial cyborg, I would've loved to have an artificial eye that had enhanced capabilities.


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Jun 28, 2014
Wow, in comparison to everyone here my injuries are extremely lame.

I've got quite a sturdy body, so I don't get injured that easily. The only injury I've had which still "haunts" me a bit is when I collided with a car when I was driving my moped about 4 years ago; I didn't break anything, but my right hip hasn't been quite as flexible since that accident (I landed with my right leg hitting the ground before my left leg, resulting in a bruise covering my entire inner thigh and some pain in my hip). At most, the accident made me scared shitless at the thought of driving.

For actual sports-related injuries, I sprained my ankle quite badly during Taekwondo practice about 2-3 years ago. It took a long-ass time for it to properly heal. Aside from that, I haven't sustained any serious injuries, not even when I played soccer when I was younger.


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May 14, 2014
I've broken so many bones and torn so many connective tissues I don't even know where to begin! I'll just list some of my favourites:

Dancing: Twisted ankle, nerve damage in my shoulder
Martial arts: Broken ribs, broken wrist, damaged kidneys, broken collar bone, numerous concussions, damaged ear drum (not sure you can say that in English??)
Gymnastics: Torn many muscles and tendons for which I don't know the English words, broken wrist (again), numerous concussions (again)
Badminton: Nerve damage in my ankle
Volley Ball: Fractured bone in my face
Soccer: Dislocated knee
Biking: Dislocated shoulder
Skateboarding: Tissue damage in my mouth

Wolf In A Bear Suit

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Jun 2, 2012
I play rugby. I've been concussed on 3 or 4 occasions when I was stumbling around and barely knew where I was. I stupidly wanted to play on in one of these cases, but thankfully the coach took me off. I'm also quite a light guy playing in a position designed for heavier people and as such I get a fair few back aches. Ehmm what else? My right big toenail falls off literally every year because it gets stepped on so regularly. I've had a fair few shiners, cuts bla bla bla. I once had a cauliflower ear that I had to have drained before it became permanent. Had to have a clothes peg on my ear for a full day.
The one that tops it all though?
Some dude stepped on my dick while I was lying on the ground after a tackle by accident. Yes, it hurt like you imagined.

Xan Krieger

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Feb 11, 2009
Took a softball to the chest once, was coughing for the rest of the game. Also that game is murder on your ankles because I always stopped right on the bases, I didn't run past them. Bruised one of my arms while skateboarding and because my friends and I were stupid we sat on our skateboards and rode them downhill. I stopped short and got rammed from behind. Had to pull splinters out of my butt. Finally there was the time me and some friends were playing football in one of their backyards, I got picked up and slammed into a wooden fence taking enough flesh out of my wrist that I could see the bone (it's really, really white).


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Jun 28, 2011
Brace yourselves, list incoming:
Spine broken(fixed through fusion) at T-7, T-8 and T,9
Hyperextended knees(both at various times)
Pulled hamstrings
Detached bicep(that shit HURT)
Concussion(4 of em)
Torn rotator cuff(right arm)
Dislocated finger(various joints)
Deep muscle tear(right hip was the worst)
These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head


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May 30, 2010
United States
In sports I only ever got one injury I think. Was playing soccer or football or whatever your country of origin calls it and my wonderful coach thought up the best exercise. That being 2 players sprint at each other and try to kick the ball away from the other. I got matched up with someone twice my size and we happened to reach the ball at the same time, both of us kicked and my foot was the one that gave, breaking in 2 places.

At that point I heard the 2 pops go through my skeleton and fell on my face. Stood up put a tiny bit of weight on it and promptly fell on my face again. After that I hopped over to a bench and watched the rest of the practice while the coach told me to walk it off.

The weird part is it didn't really hurt very much at all.


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Jan 31, 2008
This hurt pretty bad


I've had so many bumps and bruises (one bruise that was a deep blue that went from my armpit to my elbow...) and aches from martial arts. Thankfully nothing broken or even dislocated but just lots of little things. I think at my peak of doing Jiu Jitsu I was sore all the damn time.