The Surprising Things About Elder Scrolls Online


Mugwamp Supreme
Nov 26, 2008
Gorfias said:
So odd seeing this happen at all.

Skyrim was not fun for me until I modded and cheated like mad at it. The gameplay was meh, but when I could have every power and the Death Star in the sky rather than the moon, I loved it! In spite of the meh game play.

I would think, being online, they do not want you messing with it. Sounds like a fail to me.
Oh yeah, this will not be a modding game. Not at all. This is purely an MMORPG set in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Fortunately, this is Zenimax's attempt and it isn't Bethesda's whose hands are being tied up in it. I am excited to see what Bethesda pops out next on these new consoles. They should finally be making a new game engine to replace the extremely buggy one they've put the last four games of theirs on.