The Walking Dead Season 5: The End Of Plot-Required Stupidity?

Spaceman Spiff

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Sep 23, 2013
senordesol said:
Did Tyreese kill that guy? That was left up to interpretation I thought... my impression was he didn't as the instant Carol went to go deal with Ballcap Cannibal, Tyreese assured her he was KIA. My thinking "If he really is, KIA, why stop her from checking?"
I also got the feeling he didn't. There wasn't much reason for him to stop Carol from checking the cabin otherwise. I think we'll be seeing baseball cap guy again.

Darth Sea Bass

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Mar 3, 2009
Heh I thought Dr Redneck was full of shit from the off. I just don't believe a high level scientist like he's pretending to be would have a mullet.


They'll fix it by "Monday"
Nov 17, 2009
MarsAtlas said:
Gotta say, Season 5 opened quite well. The reincorporation of rational thought was a nice addition. From S2E1 beyond, I have to use the headcanon that almost none of them had passed elementary school because there are some things they do that are just unreasonably stupid and because they pretty much never used anything they learned ever again. I mean fucking medieval people had more sense than them. Hey, Rick, dig a fucking moat around the prison. That'll stop the walkers, as evidenced by Woodbury's success with them, and it would've stopped the fucking tank from rolling into the prison yard. Everything of significance in the first half of Season 4 (except maybe Lizzie) could've been easily prevented by putting on a 24-hour watch and digging a big fucking hole around the prison while you had people guard those digging. Granted, its good to see that the carryover from Season 2 of ignoring everything that they had previously learned[1] is likely to be missing from Season 5. Finally. Granted, it wasn't that bad in Season 3, except for maybe them being absolute idiots and not clearing out the prison at a safe pace.

Also, Carol kicked ass, holy shit. Make her the leader of the group already.
Please make more of these. I'd love to read something like this after each episode (maybe a general assessment of each season first?)

Scarim Coral

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Apr 30, 2020
It was a good episode and while it was cool seeing Carol going Rambo (especially at the start she was a victim of abuse) I did thought that rocket firing was way too convient that it hit onto the target spot on!

Also was anyone else was disturb by the human carcass being hung up like a cow carcass?


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Sep 10, 2009
"episode that sees our heroes operating with a minimum of plot-required stupidity."

That is true, but it had shitloads upon shitloads of MASSIVE plotcontrivances/ plot convenience...
And omg, those infinite ammo AK-47's... sighhhhhhhhhh!