The Week In Review

Logan Westbrook

Transform, Roll Out, Etc
Feb 21, 2008
The Week In Review

The Week in Review: In an emergency, it becomes a flotation device. This week; Nazis, womanizing assassins, boycotts and double Street Fighter.

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Sony's Bloodsucking Nazi's Not Real

Sins of a Postal Boycott might not have quite the same ring as Stardock's most famous product, but it's decidedly apt, due to CEO Brad Wardell's decision to boycott courier company UPS; although if you ask him, it's not a boycott. What prompted the decision to stop using UPS was the courier's decision to boycott Fox News, by not advertising on the channel, due to its disquiet at some of the opinions espoused on the channel. According to Wardell, had UPS pulled its advertising quietly, there wouldn't have been a problem, but by making a big deal of it, pushed Wardell to look for alternative methods of moving things around. (link [])


Katherine Kerensky

Why, or Why Not?
Mar 27, 2009
dogstile said:
are these just highlights of the week or something? I'm confused
Yes. they are the gaming highlights of the week. haven't you ever noticed them before?

Anyway, back to what this was about... I was upset to learn the Nazi PS3 ad was fake.
And now that I've seen a picture, I'm interested in Sins of a Solar Empire... and it's quite cheap at the local GAME store...