They Call us Play-ers


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Dec 14, 2008
Brian Name said:
Or whenever you fight the reincarnation of Psycho Mantis - if you try to reassign the controller to controller 2 on the PS3 he shouts at you: "Did you really think that would work this time!?"
This may very well be the coolest thing I have heard about MGS4 thus far.


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Apr 20, 2009
MrPop said:
Hulyen said:
and it made for a touching ending to the game.
Nice DS pun there!

I always love it when games break the fourth wall. It makes normally boring sections such as tutorials actually enjoyable.

This is off-topic a bit but a lot of people I know don't really seem to have fun when gaming but just do it to rank up in something.
Whoops, would you believe it was unintentional?


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Jun 23, 2009
Slightly cheesy, but I liked that bit in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, when you're being harassed by three Sabbat, and one turns towards the camera and says:

"Those of you in the first few rows, will get wet."

Covarr said:
Special message to the author of this article:

Metal Gear is an MSX game (also ported to the NES). Metal Gear Solid is a Playstation game. Learn the difference, it could save lives.

P.S. Thanks
Since we're on that topic, how about that bit in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake when you have to get into the base, but the guards only go in at night so you have to trick the guards into thinking it's nighttime by using an owl. In broad daylight.

And it works.


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Sep 21, 2009
Man all this MGS talk makes me want to play it for the first time.

What am I missing out on guys? All I know about it is its CGI cutscenes are OBSCENELY long but people still love the game.


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May 5, 2010
Irridium said:
That reminds me of a few moments in MGS4, most notably Psycho Mantis.

That was a fun little moment :p

And I find it funny when games do this. Sure it breaks immersion for some people, but I find it a welcome change from the "grim, gritty, and super-serious" tones most games try, and fail at setting.

I read in a preview for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that Deadpool will constantly break the 4th wall. One example was he takes his own health bar and beats the opponent with it. It will be interesting to play with him when the game comes out.
Deadpool knows he is a Comic Book character too, and when you fight him in MUA2 he says "Time for a boss battle!"


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Oct 31, 2008
Surely games are created to suit a variety of moods and tastes? Whereas you just described the one that suited you best and made the case for it being the only valid one.

I mean it's great to recognise these games, but in all honesty most of the games that try to do fourth wall humour aren't funny. I tend to find even the games which aim to be funny/light hearted are completely rubbish compared to any decent comedian any stage of the day. Whereas I play Metal Gear Solid because the climax is more dramatic and involving than most decent action movies and books.

Sure light-hearted games can be great and suit some peoples tastes but I don't think you have a case at all for suggesting that games are meant to be like that. That's like saying all books should be light hearted because HitchHikers guide was fantastic.


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Apr 7, 2010
I think it was in one of the Splinter Cell games that Sam asks his boss 'Three Alarms and I'm Out?' to which the chief replies 'Of course not, Sam. This isn't a video game!' In the first two games, setting off three alarms caused the mission to fail.

I also can't forget watching my sisters play the Sly Cooper games in which the characters actively reminded themselves to 'press the x button to jump, and the circle button to land on a spire'.


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Feb 17, 2010
While not breaking the 4th wall per see, Psyconauts had some meta-gaming fun as well.

While walking through what can only be described as a flooded school room in a sewer, Raz says
"This reminds me of my time in high school, which is weird cause I'm only 10."



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Jun 3, 2011
LordOfInsanity said:
I agree with the article really. Games are games first. Everything else is second to the gaming aspect. If you're not having fun with the game, then said game has failing in being what it was created as. A game.
I agree as well. If you're not having fun with the game, then why play it? I know there are games that are out there now that are created to have stunning artwork but the gameplay is very mediocre. There are games that are designed to make your computer speakers shake and your hardware to be pushed to its limits, but it has a terrible storyline. The cool thing about it though is that that is fun to some people. Play a game that is fun to you. If you're not having fun though, then the game isn't doing its job.