ThreeSpeech Reveals PlayStation Network Content

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
ThreeSpeech Reveals PlayStation Network Content

Sony blog ThreeSpeec announces a slew of downloadable content.

Semi-official Sony blog ThreeSpeech [] lists a series of digitally distributed content updates that will be distributed throughout April and May on the PlayStation Network. PlayStation 3 titles receiving downloadable wares in the upcoming months are Genji: Days of the Blade, Ridge Racer 7, MotorStorm and Resistance: Fall of Man.

[li]Genji: Days of the Blade- Includes clothing collections with Western-styled metal armor, Heishi clan garb and school uniforms.[/li]
[li]Ridge Racer 7- 14 decal packs and 25 special events will be sprinkled across the next two months.[/li]
[li]Motorstorm- The instantly downloaded Time Trial mode will be added to your game without needing to visit the PlayStation Store. Players will race ghost competitors to run their fastest time and upload their results to a worldwide leaderboard. Additional tracks and vehicles will be opened up soon.[/li]
[li]Resistance: Fall of Man- Two new multiplayer maps, Westmorland and Camborn, pit players into new autumn and winter settings on rugged, sniper-friendly terrain.[/li]